Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by CalamityXI, Nov 18, 2014.

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  1. CalamityXI

    CalamityXI New Member

    So, does anyone else here play Final Fantasy XIV? I'm on Aether data center, Siren server :3 And how about that Heavensward expansion? Looks like 2015 is gonna be one hell of a year for XIV :D
  2. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    I have been playing it until my backlog of games got unmanageable :slightly_sad: Absolute joy when you're running the game with the Razer Naga.


    @RazerQuick still plays it and I ought to be joining him for more when I have the time. Really a fan of the new content and I want to try out the Ninja.
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  3. CalamityXI

    CalamityXI New Member

    Oh totally, I love my naga for FFXIV. At Fan Fest I kept hitting the wrong skills when we were attempting Odin since I didn't have my Lycosa and Naga XD
  4. TheShinso

    TheShinso Member

    I'd play it except that it has a subscription fee iirc. I might try later

    I really wanted to play it as far as everything else goes.
  5. CalamityXI

    CalamityXI New Member

    Well they do have different sub options, and they seem to be pumping out new content on a very regular basis. That and the dev team has been very good with listening to the players as to what they want to see etc. I think this is one of the few MMO's I would say the sub is 100% worth it.
    If you want to take a look at the sub options you can find them here: http://support.na.square-enix.com/faqarticle.php?id=5382&la=1&kid=64539&ret=main
  6. Actiarn

    Actiarn New Member

    I have a few 50s on Balmung server.
  7. RazerQuick

    RazerQuick Global Community Manager Staff Member

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  8. CalamityXI

    CalamityXI New Member

  9. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I haven't played in many months, but here is the character I played.

    Seraphina Darkmoon (50 bard was my primary, 50 white mage secondary and 40 black mage for fun) Seraphina Darkmoon
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  10. KCMOTO

    KCMOTO New Member

    Gilgamesh checking in. Been playing since Phase 3 beta pop'd up for PS3. I just got a PS4 BrackFridayBunduru, and I'm curious to see how more graphically amazing it is. I'm currently running through the gutter of low level fate grinds (almost a Ninja). Any who, love the game and fast paced action of it. Was a FFXI player from Midgard/Quezltcot till switching to XIV ARR. Looking forward to Heavensward.
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  11. IrealiTY

    IrealiTY New Member

  12. Freeakk

    Freeakk New Member

    I played but I couldn't justify paying the monthly subscription fees. I loved the fact that I could use my 360 controller to play the game.
  13. CalamityXI

    CalamityXI New Member

    Nice, I'm going to start working on BLM since 1) I need those cross class abilities, and 2) I love the job XD

    Well I'm glad you liked the game, although unfortunately the dev team has said many times that it's not dropping the subscription model : / Like I said earlier though this is one of the few MMO's I feel comfortable paying for since they churn out quality content on a very consistent basis
  14. Zyther200

    Zyther200 New Member

    i got the collexters edition and i never played it T_T
  15. ValitoKejika

    ValitoKejika Member

    I have both the PC and the PS3 version but I haven't played it in so very long. I remember having a 50 Bard and 50 White Mage, can't remember the levels of my others, i think my Black Mage was around 30 or so.

    That game is actually where I got my Most used username now. Valito Kejika. Was a great game but unfortunately, since I didn't have a good raid clan, it got boring, since find a decent random group became near impossible. That was back when trying to kill hardcore Titan in a random group was a pain though. I'm sure with all the new content he's become much easier. I feel like going back and giving another chance now though.
  16. CalamityXI

    CalamityXI New Member

    You should give it a try man, it's a great game. They got a trial now too so you can try it before you pop that CE open :3

    Yea, a LOT has changed since 2.0, Titan HM is a joke now. What server did you play on?
  17. Currently playing it since ... well, Beta P3. World: Odin [EU]
    Looking forward to 2.5 and Heavensward.


    I agree with @Razer|Technokat and @CalamityXI, the game is lovely played with the Naga.
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  18. Elandrel

    Elandrel New Member

    I like to play the game on Sargantus, Lately I haven't been able to find the time though been pushing my job really hardcore.
  19. TravisAntonio

    TravisAntonio Member

  20. KirakunAUS

    KirakunAUS New Member

    I loved FFXI back in those days and now I am currently playing @Tonberry
    I hate myself for purchasing Razer Naga 2012 cause now I can't play properly without it. The thumb grid button suddenly stop working while I raid.

    Here's hoping to get the Razer Naga Epic Chroma!

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