[Fixed] Razer Blade Stealth 2016 (7500U): Freezing Fix Finally Found!

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Venoda, Jan 4, 2017.

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  1. Venoda

    Venoda New Member

    TL;DR: Don't run Synapse, don't get freezes. Temporary, but working, solution.

    Hey folks! So, if you own a 2016 RBS you may or may not have had a variety of types of BSODs and crashes aplenty (I know I did) and there are plenty of threads to show it. However, I still absolutely love this system and wanted to share a fix I finally found that resolves at least one kind of these issues!

    Firstly, this fix isn't for overheat freezes/crashes, I get those too and that's just a matter of proper ventilation for the most part, though when playing a demanding game while plugged into my core and on my cooling pad I can still get some nasty heat crashes or throttling, but that's really just the fault of the tiny aluminium case the RBS has... just an issue with pushing powerful games in a laptop optimized for portability not cooling—this is a design tradeoff, not an issue per say.

    Anyways on to the fix! If you happen to get the random freezes where your computer locks up, no mouse movement, no keyboard input, the screen just being a static image and not responding at all and not even crashing there is a stupidly easy fix.

    Don't run Razer Synapse.
    I know what you're thinking, "Don't run Synapse? I bought this laptop so I could have flashy keyboard effects!" Unfortunately, I love them too, but it's the only way to fix it. I went through an RMA for this and have reimaged both the first RBS I owned and the new one I was sent with both the Razer recovery one and a fresh image, I've tried the Anniversary update and run it without, I've tried Intel and Killer driver updates, I've tried disabling all kinds of Windows processes, all to no avail. I simply disabled Synapse and, BAM, no issues for days now. Hopefully, Razer might patch this, and plenty of people have reported the issues, but it looks like for now Synapse just needs to be off if you want the laptop to not randomly freeze.

    I love this laptop, and I hope anyone else looking to fix this issue can find this thread so that they can enjoy it too. Razer will undoubtedly eventually patch this issue, but for now, enjoy this temporary fix so you can get back to working, and gaming if you have the core to go with it!
  2. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Man, I feel so sorry for you. I also used units (Skylake version) having freezes and overheats. But those were separate cases. Your case is not normal from any perspective. You should really consider RMAing once more. If I were you I would even insist on a full refund and go for something else.
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  3. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    I had a very similar issue, My stealth was able to hit 100C before shutting off, Also when it was plugged in, randomly the screen would go black and the laptop would be completely unresponsive. I purchased my Stealth though the Microsoft store and they were out of stock for awhile. I contacted support and it was agreed that this is not normal. I was issued an RMA and it took about a full week without the laptop. I was shipped a new Stealth right from storage, I know this because I asked if they would update the Bios to handle coil whine, the new bios version is 5 and the old is 3. The one I send and the new one both have version 3. Ever since I got the new unit, no over heating, no shut offs, no lockups or crashes.

    Build up a lot of proof before you contact support. It cuts down on time. I used HWInfo to log the cpu temps, Run the Intel CPU diagnostic utility, it will tell you if the cpu is going bad or the heating is flawed. Finally use the Intel extreme tuning utility to stress test the system and take screen shots. Even though the stealth is thin, it shouldn;t throttle, the fans should kick in as soon as it jumps over 90C bringing it very quickly down to a cool 70ish C.

    You paid good money for a product, make them fix it. The stealth is one awesome laptop when it's working perfectly. I was using Xbox Streaming on it yesterday and I couldn't be happier.
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  4. rewtt

    rewtt New Member

    Today Synapse would show hundreds of thousands of "page faults" in task manager. Seems like it tries too much. Killing it for a few days, just use it if you want to change settings, why run it full time anyway, right?
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  5. Venoda

    Venoda New Member

    I actually haven't had an overheat or BSOD in days. I put it through 6 hours straight of Wolfenstein the New Order without a hiccup. Perhaps the other problems were also Synapse related too. Good to know it's not all the units though, thanks!
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  6. I CAN confirm the words of the author!!!

    Find problem myself few days ago, remove synapse and freeze stop.

    Stupid application.
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  7. J.burtonlowe

    J.burtonlowe New Member

    I can confirm this works as well no freezes since I have removed synapse :)
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  8. A more interesting when I wrote in support of the described problem, you know that they have advised me ????

    Update Nvidia :)) driver:) (of course what else, but not about the words Synapse) On Stealth update Nvidia:)

    I think in support work idiots, they not read you problem......

    But i have some different situation after i delete Synapse system not freeze more - FULL, BUT some time i see system freeze on 1 min, mouse not work, keyboard not work, touch screen not work but if pree on FN key on keyboard system respond (i mean change active keyboard color) then after 1 min system unfreeze i work perfect. (when synapse was installed help only reboot)

    Who have same problem?

    Today i again install synapse (some last version) - checking continue freeze or they gone.
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  9. MysticalPlunger

    MysticalPlunger New Member

    Just a random question to anyone out there, but has this problem occurred on the blade as well? I was looking to buy a stealth, but I've seen so many problems with it and since I am going to be dropping a couple of thousand on a system, I might just go for the beefed up version if it doesn't share the same problem.
  10. Stealth - good laptop (good body, good view, keyboard) but may be some new released laptop (same model) not have problem (coil, freeze).

    Brand should be more clear talk with user about problem in they product's.

    In case Razer - secret's

    Simple example my laptop come with bios 3.0 some laptops return from RMA with new version BIOS.

    Why Razer not release bios on support section i don't know
  11. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    I got the Kaby Lake UHD version and can not confirm that Synapse is responsible for freezes. In my case there were several other culprits:

    1. Avira Anti-Virus gave me occasional freezes. I switched to Windows Defender for now.

    2. The latest Intel HD Graphics driver from the Razer support page. Rolled back to the previous version.

    3. Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth driver. Installed the newest version from Razer support.

    After those changes my system runs 100% stable, it's been more than a week since my last freeze.
  12. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Exactly. Because it is likely a power consumption problem. There is a number of "100% freeze cure" threads around but the ugly truth is that they do not really address the issue. All in all, putting your laptop on a shelf and not using it also fixes the freezes problem, right? Otherwise I should be free to install all those programs and drivers, especially those from the vendor.
  13. Serious?)

    Example in my case me help remove Synapse, few man in forum too.
  14. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    Each PC configuration is indivdual, I just can say that with the drivers and software I have installed the system runs stable with Synapse. Maybe it would be a better advise to find out what SW / driver is not working with Synapse rather than just uninstalling it.
  15. How you understand this thread create not me but solution, SAME.

    Find in internet "freeze synapse" you can see not only we, with this problem.

    Today i again install new version synapse (full day without freeze) continue test.

    If problem in my case resolved - i can SAY MY RBS freeze, because my old version synapse - create this freeze.
  16. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    I am actually happy and positive about that. It is just that some people reported freezes persisting in Linux, for example, which makes me believe that the problem is not related to Synapse.
  17. Venoda

    Venoda New Member

    I tried every other fix on these forums and that I could find on the subreddit or anywhere else; for my particular Stealth it seems to be Synapse. I've been trying things since November on two separate models until this finally worked. My first one actually got to the point where it just wouldn't boot up anymore and would just crash 10 seconds after turning on (never even getting to the login screen). The RMA was a brand new Stealth and I never received any correspondence about what the issue with the old one actually was.
  18. +1 - team with deleted Synapse :)

    But....pass one day without freeze with next installer:
    Razer_Synapse_Framework_V2.20.15.1104.exe (take from site section software )

    Go second day without freeze....
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  19. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    So. I'm now trialing this as a way to fix my WiFi issues...completely unrelated but I had a noticeable improvement the moment I quit the application. It's still having minor hiccups but it seems to be recovering and working a lot more reliably. Could just be a coincidence though...I've done things I thought 'fixed' it before, worked better for 4 days then crashed into a pile of forever loading pages and unusable internet again...
  20. Please check version driver WIFI which installed on you PC.

    Now i using some old driver (which was preinstalled with WIndows) but now i see what windows update want install some new driver's where indicate new driver for wifi

    May be you system update and now you again using some bad driver
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