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    Take on a whole new galaxy bolstered by stunning Razer Chroma effects in Aven Colony.

    Hey Insiders,

    Our friends at Mothership Entertainment just released stunning Razer Chroma effects for Aven Colony, so you can build Earth’s perfect settlement outside our Solar System.

    As Aven Prime’s new commander, you’ll need to brave the unknown and make sure your people survive seasons after seasons – and Razer Chroma is here to assist. Get alerted of threats as your setup flashes red and react quickly to menu keys lighting up on your keyboard. Anticipate the seasons and feel winter coming as your Razer Chroma peripherals fade to warm or cold colors. No matter what happens, you’ll always be ready.

    To celebrate this new integration, we’re offering you a chance to win 1 of 10 Aven Colony game keys to try these new Razer Chroma effects yourself. Good luck on your extra-terrestrial journey!

    In Aven Colony, build a new home for humanity. Discover Aven Prime - an alien planet of deserts, tundras, and wetlands light years from earth. Build your settlements into massive, sprawling cities whilst dealing with the challenges faced when settling on a new world.

    Go thank our friend at Mothership Entertainment on Facebook and Twitter for their amazing work with Razer Chroma.

    Disover Aven Colony’s new Razer Chroma effects and get a chance to win game keys now!
  2. Razer, do you like cooperating with indie developers?
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  3. Nice! I bet the effects look great.
  4. EndlessEnvoy

    EndlessEnvoy New Member

    nice effects!!! wow, very stunning
  5. __MonkeyMan__

    __MonkeyMan__ New Member

    Looks like a awesome game can't wait to play it
  6. EDGamingTV

    EDGamingTV New Member

    Very nice
  7. Upstagoun

    Upstagoun New Member

    Very nice
    I like it
  8. Brigand231

    Brigand231 New Member

    Weird, it's not letting me get credit for logging in.
  9. AlexNHoli

    AlexNHoli New Member

    That looks pretty cool! Is it a new game? I'mma go check this out!
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  10. Dallenad

    Dallenad New Member

    F5 fixes it all.
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  11. Georgepap117

    Georgepap117 New Member

    Greetings mate
    I did this to gain that entry
    1. Stay on this page
    2. Click Log out
    3. While you're logged out find this thread
    4. Click the log in entry option
    5. Enjoy :)
  12. Brigand231

    Brigand231 New Member

    I tried relogging at first, but that did nothing. I just tried again now, over half an hour later and it worked fine.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  13. panovski

    panovski New Member

    Game looks nice, but is there option to try it before buy it?
  14. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    Funny how I'm logged in to Razer insider here and it can't find me and give me the +1?! Still don't get it?
  15. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I wish the best of luck to everyone :heart:
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  16. Flashizz

    Flashizz Well-Known Member

    Good Luck Everyone! And Thanks to Razer for making all these giveaways! We do really appreciate it!
  17. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    in it to win it
  18. Bracewar

    Bracewar New Member

    Log in and sign up to razer inside one isn't working.
  19. Ryuutajho

    Ryuutajho New Member

    thanks, (y)
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