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[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Mine are the awesome mouse pads and headphones!
  2. Lorden7ropy

    Lorden7ropy New Member

    The day my Tarantula, Lachesis and Mako arrived, ergonomically the most comfortable mouse I have ever used and my mako has been my long loved speakers ever since... I remember unboxing them and being in awe of their design. Keep up the good work #teamrazer
  3. Tommenomnom

    Tommenomnom New Member

    The razer firefly is my love :heart:
    And when I found out FL Studio had a Chroma plugin, I was sold


    And to this very day, in every project there's a Razer Chroma plugin showing my audio spectrum :)
  4. Redoz

    Redoz New Member

    Best moment was getting my girlfriend into pc gaming and she now a razer fangirl, she runs a deathstalker, naga chroma and a pair of krakens, would love to win this for her.
  5. Amosarthus

    Amosarthus New Member

    The Razer Deathadder 3.5G. My first ever gaming mouse. Still the most comfortable mouse I've ever used. Only ever swapped to the Mamba 4G as it was the exact same shape, but other than that, I've stayed true to the Deathadder line.
  6. Skyyhighh

    Skyyhighh New Member

    Ive never actually owned a piece of razer equipment, dont know if my entry will still count but I would love something that I can use to get back into gaming.
    Thanks razer for making this great community.
  7. Wicked1Shot

    Wicked1Shot New Member

    I never thought a mouse pad made a difference until I got my Razer Goliathus. After that the mouse and keyboard were no brainers.
  8. Mr_Paradox92

    Mr_Paradox92 New Member

    When i got my Razer Mamba and Razer Ornata to complete my gaming set up.

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  9. Adeadmansbones

    Adeadmansbones New Member

    My greatest razer moment was the day I got my limited edition deus ex blackwidow and witnessing the beauty of the chroma light system
  10. Littlenotw

    Littlenotw New Member

    My best story with Razer is definitely when I spent all my income from one month to completely deck myself out with Razer Gear.
  11. Gagner

    Gagner New Member

    My first Razer product was a Razer Deathstalker Ultimate keyboard. It's also the keyboard that I'm typing my message on right now. It was an awesome product for MMORPG gaming when I bought it and it's still an awesome product for MMORPG gaming now.
  12. Kurgi

    Kurgi New Member

    I was working on the christmas holidays between the school year and saved up enough to buy the Razer Lycosa keyboard from the local game store on special for $99, even though the rest of my setup was fairly average it made me feel like it was the best.
  13. One of my greatest Razer love moments was when I was still able to play World of Warcraft with a left handed mouse, while my dominate right hand was recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. Yes, I bought a left handed Naga just so I could continue to game. lol Thank you Razer!

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  14. 073177

    073177 New Member

    Best experience... when I got my first ever mechanical keyboard. A Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 edition that I got just last year on the month of May and been enjoying using it since then especially in my favorite online games. I'm also very much satisfied on the way how the Razer Support Team handle costumer-related inquiries.
  15. Courtlandb27

    Courtlandb27 New Member

    I'll never forget when, I believe was two years ago, I switched from a generic wireless mouse that I got from a garage sale to the great DeathAdder Chroma and my first game with it was CSGO, and the difference was honestly unbelievable. Now I spend my days wrecking with the DeathAdder Chroma on Overwatch. But I'm just missing a Razerblade to help me even more.
  16. JayTee87

    JayTee87 New Member

    I never thought Razer was that awesome until I finally decided to give it a try on them.
    I love it's simplicity on Deathadder. No special stuff, straight out of the box, great quality.
    The Web store is one of the place I spents hours to read the products and really understand what I needed.
    Razer insider have great bunch of fans who truly a hardcore fans who have helped me to make decisions on getting what I meed for my next peripherals.
  17. TorresRazer

    TorresRazer New Member

    Congratulations Razer for your 500k! For me the best moment is when I bought my first gaming headset and that was the Razer Kraken Pro V.2 then I realized the quality of your products are amazing and because of that I bought the Razer Deathadder Elite and boy my precision in Overwatch just came 0 to 100 hahaha but because of your products I felt I am a Pro Gamer (even I'm kind of not ) but generally it all started because of my Kraken Pro v.2 where I started to Love Razer!
  18. Tiraneh

    Tiraneh New Member

    Spinning the wheel at the Razer booth at Blizzcon 2014 and winning a hot pink Kraken!! Or... maybe the time I won the Blade Stealth :wink_:
  19. sixthint_no_id

    sixthint_no_id New Member

    I remember going to a friend's house to play some games. I asked to play the game and when I touched the mouse(didn't know it was razer at that time) it felt comfortable to use from the start. Unfortunately I still don't know the mouse name nor was I able to buy a razer mouse because of money issues.
  20. kunami

    kunami New Member

    When i got home and i knew i had received my first Razer product ( it was the Deathadder), and the hype and excitment i had just to open the box and see how it was.

    Its difficult to have great stories around a specific razer product, but if i look at some of my greatest gaming moments, razer was there!
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