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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. pillowism

    pillowism Active Member

    My first razer product was the razer naga, My video editing has never been so easy with macros
  2. seb545191

    seb545191 New Member

    My very first razer product after which I was addicted into buying even more products.
    It all started with a razer vespula to me now owning a razer firefly,mamba TE, and a Deus Ex blackwidow chroma.
    I cannot wait to buy more razer products in the future especially the razer project valerie
  3. iubjaved

    iubjaved Active Member

    When i used Razer's mouse and played dota, i won my game just because how fast i have control over my hero and then i realized how a mouse can change your gameplay totally.
  4. tey272

    tey272 New Member

    My first razer product was a white pro v2. From there I have owned a naga hex an imperator and now my naga epic chroma. My first keyboard was the tarantula followed by the nostromo (I still love it) I upgraded to the tournament black widow but my best razer memory was seeing my friends face light up when I handed him all my old razer gear that I had upgraded. It cost me nothing and he felt pro, he is now green and a converted razer follower.
  5. BUDDY98

    BUDDY98 New Member

    My 1st razer laptop (razer blade pro) was what started my gaming journey...... Thank you so much !!!!! ^.^
  6. Xeeros

    Xeeros New Member

    Has to be my first Razer experience and my first mouse.

    Started way, way back when the boomslang was the around and my favorite place to be at the time was J&R in lower Manhattan. They had it on demo machine and Unreal was the game of choice and the experience of that lightning smooth comfortable mouse had me save my money to get a good mouse as I learned that day NOT all mice are the same. Later when I came back to buy parts for my first rig I knew it had to have a Razer mouse. So after I picked up my Athlon T-bird 1.4ghz CPU, the Hercules 3D Prophet III and then it was onto to the mouse. It had to be a Razer, but it seem the odds were not in my favor as they were sold out. So it was home to build my first rig and wait for their shipment which they told me should be in on Tuesday.

    Now comes the part that will forever engrain this in my memory. The Tuesday that would be there day for my mouse "hopefully" turned out to be the worst Tuesday in my lifetime and well that is because it was the Tuesday of September 11th, 2001. Needless to say it was not a good day and I no longer worried about my mouse but rather all the people and my mother who worked I'm lower Manhattan. J&R was mere blocks from the Towers and so was my mother and other family. They all survived and it was months before I could go down. I did get my whole PC together and it's was eventually my favorite experience and PC I ever put together but with a tiny grain of salt that I will forever remember.
  7. trucksmartLivid942

    trucksmartLivid942 New Member

    I first started out with your Death adder Chroma mouse, continuing on to the Kraken pro Headphones to then expanding to the Chroma keyboard and the Ouroboros Mouse. Thank you for all the brilliant experiences! :)
  8. Armydrifter

    Armydrifter Active Member

    Eight years ago today my friend Ryan Griffen ordered a new computer with Razer Mouse and Keyboard. After seeing the Razer Mamba and Lycosa in all its blue glory back then I fell in love. I have been rocking Razer ever since!

    Ryan committed suicide in January after just getting out of Active duty Military service. So seeing my Razer products always reminds me of him! RIP my friend!!!
  9. Grulloreviewleet957

    Grulloreviewleet957 New Member

    4 years ago I bought my first razer krait 2013, after that 3 years passed to be able to buy kraken pro and keyboard deathstalker, I love to play in such a comfortable way, be it league of legends, overwatch, starcraft II, Thank you for everything!
  10. xPyro

    xPyro New Member

    The first ever Razer product i got was the SWTOR mouse...(shame the game was not as good) but ever since Razer has a special place on my desk. Imagine i will go insane should i need to play a game with a mouse considered "normal" by anyone not familiar with Razer....
  11. TheLittleDeadGuy

    TheLittleDeadGuy New Member

    Despite only having my blackwidow chroma for about 2-3 months, the heatmaps function has really helped me keep track on what i'm actually doing in games like overwatch.

    Other then that... RAINBOWS!
  12. 25Sethgrenwillo

    25Sethgrenwillo New Member

    I remember when I finally completed my entire chroma setup, I have the firefly, the kraken 7.1 v2, the blackwidow chroma v.2, the razer mamba tournament edition chroma, and a chroma naga (for those MMO's)... I also have 3 other razer headseats, but when my chroma masterpiece was finished I felt on top of my game. Thank you razer for always innovating new ways to game and for making gaming a better community. I also remember when I went to Razer AFK in Irvine last year... It was the most AMAZING event I have been to and the community you created was amazing. I Loved the Chroma showcase and the overwatch tournament you provided along with the new battlefield 1 gameplay. Thank you again razer for putting a spectrum of colors in my life!!!
  13. Frostiee1985

    Frostiee1985 New Member

    I remember when i first tried out all the different keyboards in stores, i just fall in love with how Razer green key feels.
    Immediately bought it and never look back since. After ward got myself another Razer deathadder to accompany my Mantis mousepad~
  14. Connor1347

    Connor1347 New Member

    The first ever thing I bought from Razer was the Man o war, and it is absolutely incredible that Razer is doing a giveaway for a stealth. I have yet to buy the kraken pro as i am saving up for them.
  15. JackG

    JackG New Member

    Mine has to be when I finally saved up enough to but my Razer Naga Molten edition mouse the first bit of razer gear I ever had, when I was 16 and just seeing it light up for the first time which the heart beat effect like I was just amazed. I still use it to this day and I'm 21 now! Such a great mouse and it still looks in mint condition which I'm very surprised at!
  16. mockingjay72

    mockingjay72 Member

    Weirdly my favourite Razer moments have been when things have broken and I've dealt with customer services, easiest process in the world and always very helpful getting me a replacement sorted. Keep up the good work.
  17. Kavster

    Kavster Member

    So, around 2013-14, my friend and I got into PC gaming, and he bought a shit ton of razer stuff. My dad being like "Oh that's ridiculous for gaming costs way too much," I ended up asking my friend everytime he got a product for his stickers so i put them on my Dell keyboard. I think it was christmas 2014 my dad bought me the krakens 7.1 chroma and I nearly cried; still use them today with my friend. Later then I got enough money to buy a bw chroma v1 and a deathadder chroma which left me broke, and 2016 christmas I saved up again to get a firefly cloth and a mamba TE. I'm using them on a macbook pro 2009 my dad had. So yeah that's my story and thank you.
  18. F14Cheetah

    F14Cheetah New Member

    My first Razer purchase was a white Taipan. I've been using it for years now, and still loving it!

    Another memorable moment was when I visited your building in SoCal and met Travis. Thanks for being so friendly with the community!
  19. Datrat

    Datrat Well-Known Member

    I just realized I saw this thread minutes after posting. LOL
  20. rose18oo

    rose18oo New Member

    My favorite Razer memory? Hard to choose just one!! MY mom started me gaming when I was real small, and I remember playing my first MMO with her at the age of 8. She currently has, and always has had, a Black Widow. Those early days of gaming she told me never to trust another brand because Razer made the best products and I have never seen evidence to the contrary. Since then I've amassed a fair amount, but nothing beats my Deathstalker, especially when I can beat her on that keyboard despite her insistence that mechanical is better than chiclet :) So my favorite Razer memory? Probably the fact that it created such a great bond between my mom and I. That and I look great in my neon Krakens :)
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