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Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Deleted member 368765, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. Kugan1811

    Kugan1811 New Member

    Pls give me deathadder pls i really need it its perfect

    I love the deathadder pls
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  2. AATHITH_no_id

    AATHITH_no_id New Member

    No way!! I like this RAZER things!
  3. Haksunen

    Haksunen Active Member

    Hah, Meme Lord? I doubt it:rolleyes:

    GL everyone
  4. YAWM8

    YAWM8 New Member

    Honestly, i love photography but i don't have the equipment so this would be an amazing thing for me. But for real, good luck to anyone who wins
  5. Ghazi harroum_no_id

    Ghazi harroum_no_id New Member

  6. Ive just bought razer blackwidow chroma and it wasn't working, its the first time buying razer product and I was pretty annoyed and dissapointed but I would like to give a second chance to Razer.
  7. Woow like reporter. Happy of my last buy. Razer chroma tartarus in love thnx and continue. Perform everytime. :heart:
  8. Dortimus51

    Dortimus51 New Member

    Looks very niceh
  9. Looks bloody awesome! Been using Razer for years, by far some of the best quality in pc gaming... Some people say I'm a Razer fan boy, but I don't care. Well, I hope to win something!!!

    I have been using Razer for years, by far some of the best quality in pc gaming. Some say I'm a Razer fan boy, but I don't care. Well I hope to bloody win something sweet! Good luck to everyone!
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  10. AzureMistheadweb182

    AzureMistheadweb182 New Member

    Hope that it's my luck now- glhf
  11. I need this setup my setup is shit
  12. OMG my favourite mouse pls can I win?
  13. Crashiboi_no_id

    Crashiboi_no_id New Member

    Um I see no "enter" button so I guess you type something here to enter. Pls I want the mouse I have a mouse that isn't a razer and it sucks. All my friends say that I should get a razer mouse but I am saving for a gaming pc and I've been saving for a while now. I can't buy anything cause I am saving for an expensive gaming pc. I hope I win and good luck everyone!!!

    PS I am a huge razer fan xD
  14. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    That's a really neat gear.
    And all those patches! Ahh, they look great on the bag.
  15. Hardsequencer

    Hardsequencer Member

    Done! :smile_: i hope i win... :cool_:
  16. Rabbit23_no_id

    Rabbit23_no_id New Member

    I want that camera and the laptop. Hope i win this giveaway.....
  17. SeashellBombshell

    SeashellBombshell New Member

    I have that exact same camera! What kind of lens is that?
  18. dark.krad

    dark.krad New Member

    thank you so much razer always tune in your pages
  19. Illogicalclown

    Illogicalclown New Member

    I want that bag full of goodies. I've been wanting to get into photography.
  20. Javohh

    Javohh New Member

    It would be nice to get one of those. It would look so good with my Goliathus speed :)
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