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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Edge1022, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Edge1022

    Edge1022 New Member

    Okay so I'm not really sure if this is just how things work with the core, or if this is a problem. I have a razer core with a 1060 gtx 6gb and a razer stealth. Some of the games I try to play (i.e. arma 3 and csgo) keep referring to the on board gpu instead of the gtx I have in the core. With watch dogs 2, i can easily select the gpu I want to use, and the game runs perfectly (its a menu option in the video settings tab). I was wondering if arma 3 was already supposed to be running the 1060 when I hit play with the core plugged in, and that im doing something wrong when its using the intel on board graphics instead, or if I have to force the game somehow to use the 1060.

  2. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    You have a couple of options the first being the easiest.

    1) Download Razer's GPU Switcher which will allow you to select what card you'd like to default to when the Core is plugged in (this really should come bundled in when installing the Core for the 1st time IMO)

    2) Manually configure the options by using the NVIDIA control panel (not the Experience product) and select the 3D options. From there you can set which card to utilize, this can be helpful even when not using the Core as sometimes a game will be set to use the integrated intel chip.

    Hope that helps!
  3. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    Edit to above:

    Accidentally read that as the Razer Blade and not the Stealth. Option 1 is only applicable for the Blade not the Stealth right now.

    In order to utilize option 2 use the same link as above and reference the left side of the page that describes the Stealth. Also make sure you have the correct drivers installed for your Core's GPU, links to the drivers can be found through that page or by visiting the site of the card manufacturer AMD or NVIDIA usually. Also use the guide to ensure your card is compatible with the Core.
  4. Edge1022

    Edge1022 New Member

    When I try to use the nvidea driver updater my gtx 1060 is not recognized even though everything works perfectly. Do you have a solution?
  5. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    It sounds like the driver or NVIDIA Experience software hasn't installed correctly. Start by uninstalling the NVIDIA Experience software from the normal Windows Unistall options, restart your machine and then download it again and reinstall it. If that doesn't work try uninstalling the actual drivers (google for safe instructions) and then reinstall.

    If neither of those options work, contact support. Make sure you detail all the steps you followed otherwise you'll likely get told the same thing by them. Unfortunately Razer Support has a poor track record so you can expect to wait upwards of 72 hours for a response. There's an actual number you can call as well so I recommend to keep calling until they actually resolve your issue.
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