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Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by ElijahFRost, May 8, 2017.

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  1. ElijahFRost

    ElijahFRost New Member

    I cant figure out how i could fix my audio problem .
    There might be an easy way to set it up with my curent setup . but i dont know if its possible !

    So i have
    1.gaming pc
    1.external soundcard-
    1.Razer ripsaw
    1.condensor mic thats going in to my soundcard with an xlr cable

    i was wondering if there was an easy way to get my mic and gaming pc sound and teamspeak all go trough my soundcard with an cable going in to my streaming laptop or ripsaw

    another problem i have . i have obs on both computers , and on my laptop (wich razer ripsaw is plugged in to with usb) i cant find sound options in windows . and in obs on my streaming setup i cant change the setting on video (the audio setting) from Hdmi audio spifdigital in to Hdmi + Aux . it changes back to spdifdigital in

    is there someone that could help me figure out the best way for me to get all the sound i want on twitch

    I have alot of cables in my home that might help if someone have an idea of how i could do this

    Gaming sound
    Teamspeak sound
    Mic sound

    Oh and one more thing ! i am doing the 144 hz setup with razer ripsaw

    Sorry for my bad english And thanks in advance ! :)
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  2. Fivesixthree

    Fivesixthree New Member

    ElijahFRost so I think we are using somewhat of the same setup. ill give you what I'm doing with mine and it seems to be working its a little annoying but it works I also use Discord instead of Teamspeak

    I use VoiceMeeter to split my game sound from my gaming pc to my streaming laptop

    my Mic is plugged in to my laptop and i have two different accounts on discord one on my gaming pc for i can hear my friends talk over discord and the other on my laptop to speck to them and over twitch only downside if if you dont have a mic on your gaming pc you cant talk in game

    if you do make two accounts for teamspeack just mute everyone on your laptop and mute your other account on both.

    hope this helps
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