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Honest Razer phone Review/ opinion

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by KISHOREKIS45, Feb 27, 2018.


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    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    Hey guys, hope you guys are having a great day. I this my review of razer phone. I had this phone for the past 4 months. first of all, let me get my disclaimer out of the way. I was the dude who tattooed Min Liang tan's name and because of that, he gave me this phone for free and also I am a die-hard razer fan I would do anything to get razer. Now the good parts of the phone obviously the speakers and the screen are great especially after the hdr update for Netflix I was blown away by the quality. The battery life was great I am a pretty heavy user I usually get through the whole day without needing to charge again. And the charging is amazingly fast especially the first 40%. I usually charge for 10 min and get 20-30% of charge. And the 120hz screen is great too, if you end up using this phone and try any other phone it'll definitely look laggy. Now for the bad parts, honestly the camera is trash. it's like using a 3-year-old phone. When the hdr is turned on it takes around 2-3 secs to snap a shot and during that time if you have a small bit of shake its gonna distort the whole picture. I am not a huge picture guy i usually take 10 pictures a week mostly from my lectures and being in a lecture it gets really annoying if the picture is not clear. And the UI is great, sticking with stock android was a great choice but there is a lot of bugs I end up having 2-3 crashes a day. Not a big problem for me but it might be for you. Another thing I hate about the phone is their Bluetooth, they removed the headphone jack I am all ok with it. But I also have a razer hammerhead pro and leviathan speakers whenever I connect and drop the phone in my pocket or put my hand on top of the phone the signal gets cut off it's a small thing but annoying. I also use my iPhone x and pixel xl I tend to use that more cause of these small problems they seem small but when they stack up it gets pretty annoying quickly. But I know it's their first phone going in the market and its fucking amazing what they have achieved but even thou they market the phone for gamers, I would love to see totally redone camera framework. I also wanted to say that the camera is good in sometimes. But it's not consistent one phone looks great and the other is messed up. They are also updating their camera and it has really improved the camera from being trash to Okay. The final problem for me was the vibrating motor its just straight trash. the motor is so bad it honestly feels like it broke it feels like using a really old ps3 controller. I hope they continue to make better phones. Honestly, If I was not a crazy razer fan I would not use this phone, I also understand this phone was made for a small demographic. Let me know what you guys think about the phone. THere is a small poll down below try to answer it.
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  2. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Did you install the last camera it came out before a few days, and the photo which Min-Liang Tan posted on Facebook looks gorgeous. We have to agree that it wasn't on the level of phones like the S8 and the iPhone X, but for a non-camera centered phone, with the latest update, the pictures look pretty competitive.

    As for Bluetooth and the vibration motor, as you have said, it's their first phone, and I'm sure that they will improve in the future.

    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    Yeah, i have updated all the apps. Its definitely improved it but needs a lot more work. Infact this is a picture i took in razer phone a while back. The picture is great but look at the details and stuff.

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  4. hidwulf

    hidwulf New Member

    Hard to see if it's you or the phone, I cannot see where you did the focus. But at least we can agree the pic is trash.
  5. MLGCopyCat

    MLGCopyCat New Member

    after first update phone speaker volume goes down by 30% making this phone speakers to be not so amazing anymore, sounds better than sony xperia z but no so good like it was out of the box, and there is no way to bring that back as i tried reseting to manufacturer settings, earpiece volume is crap - i mean its so low compared to my daily driver xperia z from 2013 - its earpiece is nearly as half speaker volume, unlike razer, dunno how engineers think that low volume will help in busy city streets with lots of cars driving and people walking...also people complain about vibration motor - for me its fine its vibrating and its fine, screen brigtness is ok too similar or more than my xperia z2 which is ok in sunlight - dunno what reviewers was talking about on youtube....as for camera my suggestion to razer would be to tie camera software with gyro - sony does it, they use gyro as camera stabiliser, as camera module itself dont have OIS
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  6. ellectriknight

    ellectriknight Active Member

    Really honest review, I especially agree with everything I highlighted in bold and italics.
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