How Many Games Does Lord Gaben Have?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Stone Star, May 14, 2016.

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  1. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone. Yesterday was a bit crazy because something I submitted to the PC Master Race sub Reddit ended up with 5k up likes and was at the top of the sub Reddit.

    What I submitted was this.

    Anyway the entire post wen't crazy and the image ended up on their Twitter.
    If you want to check out the post you can do that here.

    I hope you all have a good weekend!
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  2. elite.ire

    elite.ire Active Member

    i bet he has half life 3 and he just keeps it for himself :slightly_sad:
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  3. sykoboss

    sykoboss New Member

    Man, I bet he definitely doesn't have any problems with getting bored and figuring out which game he wants to play whenever he has the time to, because I sure as heck definitely don't run into that problem with only 60 games :D
  4. lifeautoCrimson336

    lifeautoCrimson336 Active Member

    The real question is how many games does Lord Gaben not have?
  5. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

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  6. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    I dont think he even play any of the games he own, too busy counting his money and eating at the same time
  7. ndx_leon

    ndx_leon Member

    Any thing that is in steam store belongs to gaben
  8. ttouchdown77

    ttouchdown77 Active Member

    Nah man, he has played and beaten every game on Steam. All hail Lord Gaben!
  9. potartopie

    potartopie Active Member

    I've met a celebrity :) (online)
  10. haloboi

    haloboi Active Member

    You have touched the grace of Lord are forever blessed with his presence.......may his name be praised!
  11. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    I dont think so, the only thing he knows is just getting money and expanding in size
  12. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    Counting his money and eating at the same time.... You mean like this?

  13. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    Hahaha yeah man, just that the face is a bit off.
  14. Shyzune

    Shyzune Member

    He got every game :x
  15. Blockmonster57

    Blockmonster57 Active Member

    Games for console peasants.
  16. potartopie

    potartopie Active Member

    all hail the master pc race?
  17. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    But I want to play Uncharted 4. The uncharted series is an amazing memory of my early gaming days.
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