How win in mmr?

Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by SleepOwl, Nov 2, 2017.

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  1. SleepOwl

    SleepOwl New Member

    Hello guys (sorry for my english). I can not win in mmr, I play on support and that I did not do I can not win. Tell me your secrets. victory please
  2. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    I get you, I wonder the same thing every time I lose.

    There is no secret. Just pray to your gods that you get some decent quality Mid and Safe laner. And Offlaner/Roamer who knows what he is doing. In the end it comes down to which team has normal players.
  3. merylll

    merylll Member

    Don't be disheartened. A good support forms the base of a winning team
  4. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    Pick support, be good at it. Make sure your mid gets fed. Don't try to carry on a team with 4 other carries. Don't buy a divine rapier on your support. And build items according to the situation and not what you think is normal.

    Easy 6K+ MMR. A great support can make up for a bad carry.

    FFSAMA New Member

    Pick supp, gank mid, smoke gank mid again > win
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