If Min-Liang Tan doesn't reply to this post it means a new Razer Blade is being announced this month

Discussion in 'Systems' started by letto_0155, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. traxed

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    i actually laughed LOL
  2. Hermanator

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    Well darn, I haven't laughed in front of a screen like this since months ago. Hahaha.
    On the side note, I won't be against that. At least Razer isn't one of those companies who release new versions of their products with tiny upgrades and a relatively big price increase, right?
  3. wow
  4. fritzasuro

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    All laughs aside. This is like a big NO slap on a new Razer Blade. How sad :slightly_sad:
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  5. JorgeDaCosta

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    You heard it guys ... from the boss himself. If you want the new Hexacore boost don't delay anymore .. its not coming just buy elsewhere.
  6. Firebat246

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    Actually it's the perfect way to make you think that ;)
  7. Joikansai

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    Agree, Razer is good at surprising poeple, but don’t wait or expect something, it’ll be long wait;)
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  8. fritzasuro

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    My 2015 970M needs an upgrade. Unfortunately, the laptop is not good enough for my work. I know the current Blade is capable but I want those 6 core CPUs that were just announced.
    For now, I am getting swayed to get the MSI GS65 or XPS 15 9570, just a day more and I can order one of it.
    I see Razer has no interest on releasing a new Blade that soon.
  9. MrCasualGeek_

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    Welp no Razer Blade announcement this month :joy:
  10. JorgeDaCosta

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    The Zephyrus doesnt overheat as much as the GS65 ... I saw the GS throttling in stress tests. Some models only allow up to 24 gig mem though ... Might pick one up this week ...
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  11. fritzasuro

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    But the GS65 was just announced, how could you say it overheats? Even most famous reviewers has only engineering sample with them. So far, no one yet can confirm it other than MSI themselves. You might be referring to GS63VR?

    Zephyrus, on the other hand was a bit of failure. It looks nice, but it wasn't as perfect as what people have said. They actually redesigned it with the new one, and introduced a cheaper version of it as well.
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  12. labotsirc

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    Min, another move for this month ?
  13. EggLegg

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    OMFG the legend himself ROFL:eek_::eek_::eek_::eek_::eek_::eek_::eek_:
  14. VAsRhdHachiRoku

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    Just wondering something and would like a financial/business person response. Is it really that bad to announce the products a bit early? Lets say in Jan 2018 they announce the new product for summer time? Maybe not that far ahead, but lets say 2-3 months early. Is there any huge revenue loss? How many people between Jan-April that were going to buy lets say the current 14in would change their mind? I mean if price is a factor people will either A buy the device because the new one will be more expensive, or B wait a bit longer for the new one and get the older model a bit cheaper or C wait for someone to buy the latest and resell their device even cheaper.

    The wait and see people are they really that big of a revenue impact? To me wouldn't it make sense to announce and get people excited, plus start taking pre-orders? Razer isn't a crappy crowd funding piece of crap where the product will never see the light of day.

    Right now I want to buy a new notebook, but I can wait a few months more. The 17in too big/heavy. The 13in screen too small. The 14in is what I want, but it seems dated compared to the 13in which has the 8th gen, 720p camera, etc. At this point I'm just waiting around, checking forums, emails that come in crossing fingers new product announcement within the next month!

    ERMACPE New Member

    Even a well fed troll would be no match for him, for he is the Chose One™, and can smite any foe with but a single blow of his mighty Blade! (the 13" model, because he doesn't like to brag) :wink_: