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If you could only buy 1 Razer Product from CES 2015, what would it be?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vortek3, Jan 7, 2015.


Which Product? Why Comment Below

  1. Razer Nabu X

  2. Forge TV

  3. Razer Serval

  4. Razer Turret

  5. OSVR

  6. Literally Impossible

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  1. Vortek3

    Vortek3 Member

    If you could only buy 1 Razer Product from CES 2015, what would it be, and why? Comment below.
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  2. Hirgaki

    Hirgaki Member

    The turret! Finally one done right and something I can buy!

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  3. Vortek3

    Vortek3 Member

    I agree, well there goes another $130 USD, goodbye to the seat warmers on my future car...
  4. dirtbikerxz_no_id

    dirtbikerxz_no_id Active Member

    I would go for the Razer Serval with forge. I love gaming and on a big screen like a tv. Its better
  5. bubblecookie

    bubblecookie Member

    I could buy the regular Nabu instead of the Nabu X. I also wouldn't have much use for the Forge TV and the Serval/Turret cause I don't even have a TV, heh... So it would have to be the OSVR for me. Tried the OR once and it was really cool, would love having my own OSVR :3
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  6. JHTripleJ

    JHTripleJ Member

    Would like to relax on my couch and play some PC games with the Forge and Turret. Too bad it will cost me $230. Now gotta save up.
  7. lifeautoCrimson336

    lifeautoCrimson336 Active Member

    I would definately go with the OSVR because I have been wanting a VR device.
  8. Joker416

    Joker416 New Member

    Turrent for sure because its a freakin wireless keyboard BY RAZER WITH A DOCK FOR MOUSE, how awesome is tht
  9. megatronends

    megatronends New Member

    I actually is impressed only by OSVR, that is pretty cool to have it open source.
    All other things seems like RAZER mixing feature of many other products into one.
    I was hoping to see more about project Christine !! I hope is not dead.
  10. Hirgaki

    Hirgaki Member

    Or we can wait for best of CES 2016 for 50% off!
  11. number12

    number12 Active Member

    I would use the Forge for my tv man, that would be nice.
  12. AmazinglyDaka

    AmazinglyDaka Member

    I won't be buying anything shown this year sadly nothing interested me.
  13. Qquan

    Qquan New Member

    Would like to try on those VR stuff
  14. nexhia

    nexhia Guest

    I'd get Nabu X just because I want it so bad and would probably sacrifice any other gear for it
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  15. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    You should have an option in the test as "that is impossible", because I feel like that would be the answer for me.
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  16. Vortek3

    Vortek3 Member

    There, thanks for the idea!
  17. S3IJI

    S3IJI Active Member

    Because only one choice is possible, I choose the Razer ForgeTV.
    The reason for this is I am already thinking about buy the Amazon Fire TV or Nexus player, But both have their negative points. Now I have something to enjoy the most streaming apps on one device and offers me the possibility of playing my games on the couch. - Well done Razer
  18. It's a though call between Turret and Serval.

    Just one, I'd go Turret.
  19. astarias

    astarias New Member

    I voted for Forge TV because to me, it goes hand in hand with the Turret. I don't currently have a very active setup in the living room (mostly streaming from twitch and netflix from my ipad and various android tablets with chromecast), so I would need Forge TV and the turret to complete the setup.

    I didn't vote for Nabu X, simply because I still want to find way to find a nabu on sale somewhere ;(

    I can't wait to bring Razer into my living room!
  20. RaZ87

    RaZ87 New Member

    If I have to buy only one, it will be the OSVR.

    In my opinion, we can't let Oculus to dominate this technology.
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