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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Smithy5995

    Smithy5995 Member

    Can't wait. Looking forward to hopefully getting a Chroma keyboard or Orbweaver. Which ever is in stock.
  2. RoseValecastrush051

    RoseValecastrush051 New Member

    What an amazing sale, congrats Razer!
  3. Aikanaros

    Aikanaros New Member

    RIP wallet
  4. JFriesen

    JFriesen New Member

    Phew, this one is going to hit me right in the wallet!
  5. J.Ear

    J.Ear New Member

    I was reading the Sale Terms and Conditions and saw "Only the first order from each customer/shipping destination will be accepted and any subsequent orders will be cancelled."

    Is the customer defined as the method of payment? Or as each individual Razer ID?

    Would it still be possible to make purchases on the same credit card under two different Razer ID's while having it shipped to two different addresses? This is because we have 2 gamers living at one address, and we both would love to participate.
  6. Billard0223

    Billard0223 New Member

    I'd recommend the blackwidow it is worth it mechanical keys are amazing, trust me on that one I was debating about getting the deathstalker and am glad I went with the blackwidow.
  7. JHTripleJ

    JHTripleJ Member

    OMG! Congratz Razer and thanks you for the amazing discount! Cannot decide on what to get!
  8. luftROFLwaffle

    luftROFLwaffle New Member

    Oh god, my body is ready. Time to pick out my item.
  9. Edesty

    Edesty New Member

    Say I get an item that is originally $109+ and I get free shipping, if I apply the 50% discount to it, do I still get the free shipping? or do I have to pay for shipping.

    Because if it doesn't apply, then the discount is essentially useless.
    Because shipping to Australia costs a whopping $58, so if I buy something that's $109 and I get 50% off, I still have to pay $58. 54.5+58 = 112, so I'm paying $3 more than what the item costs even with a discount. Please allow it so that the 50% off doesn't make any promotions obsolete.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2015
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  10. pipboy2000

    pipboy2000 New Member

    Congrats guys!
  11. Norci7

    Norci7 New Member

    Fantastic sale, thank you guys!

    xBLASPHEMICx Member

    Congratulations and thank you!
  13. javieratomic

    javieratomic New Member

    I will get a Razer Leviathan for my pc
  14. tater2grand

    tater2grand New Member

    Wow should I get the Ouroboros or mamba?
  15. YaMaLoong

    YaMaLoong New Member

    Just in time to change my old keyboard to mechanical Razer keyboard.
  16. Ownin

    Ownin New Member

    Alright time to get that razer edge :D
  17. RapidAmp

    RapidAmp New Member

    This is pretty damn awesome! I hope you get the Blackwidow Ultimate Mac layout back in stock before the sale!

    Been wanting a decent mechanical keyboard with a Mac layout! But they're all so damn expensive :slightly_sad:
  18. MechanicalG

    MechanicalG New Member

    I will definitely be looking forward to buying Razer Blackwidow Chroma Mechanical Keyboard. Looks absolutely fantastic
  19. redsevn

    redsevn New Member

    Perfect timing for my dying G500 :D
  20. creed717

    creed717 New Member

    just right on time to get my paycheck ^^
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