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[Insider] CES 2016 Appreciation Event

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 12, 2016.

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  1. MaxiPigz

    MaxiPigz Member

    Thanks Razer :heart:
  2. Don't worry I don't think the codes work yet. I made this mistake check when it starts in your region.

    I can't use mine till the 15th.
  3. Thinking of getting another Razer Firefly and try out the Deathstalker Chroma. My little brother is getting some hand me downs.
  4. jwan830

    jwan830 New Member

    Mamba wireless here I come!
  5. Russeteggeasy143

    Russeteggeasy143 New Member

    Derp, I didn't realize there was a start date, just an end date. Thanks!
  6. ZeroAccess

    ZeroAccess Member

    You guys are always awesome!
  7. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    I voted :) thanks for this. looking forward to purchasing a powerbrick or something
  8. Dini91

    Dini91 New Member

    Will we be able to ADD more then one item to our order to get to the free shipping limit
    robinsad and holyfiregirl like this.
  9. Mateszhun

    Mateszhun New Member

    Would be nice to get the new Diamondback!
    The old version was my favourite gaming mice!
  10. FoxhoundCS

    FoxhoundCS Member

    I might get a tartarus with this
  11. Chubes

    Chubes New Member

    awww man here we go again, may the odds be forever in your favor XD
    holyfiregirl likes this.
  12. Farao

    Farao New Member

    I love these sales. You guys don't do them often, but when you do, you do them right :)
  13. RobotD

    RobotD New Member

    • Use of the promotional code entitles you to 50% off Razer peripherals and accessories.
    Are controllers, gears, and wearables included?
  14. FiendRiver666

    FiendRiver666 Active Member

    50% off?! Time to grab a Black Widow Chroma!!! :D
  15. darwin91

    darwin91 New Member

  16. aemond

    aemond New Member

    Thanks folks.
  17. adam.pojedynski

    adam.pojedynski New Member

    Yes, yes, yes!!! Congrats for all Razer Employers! But... I have new mouse and keyboard Deathadder and Kraken7. And pad. :frown_:
    Maby next time. Too late.

    Good New Year for All from Poland (middle country in Europe). :smile_:
  18. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member


    I'd say yes. And no to wearables.

    Same goes for you: For real? You want 50% discount and a free extra?
    The answer is no....
  19. llLeftiyll

    llLeftiyll Member

    time to start thinking about what ill buy :D
  20. Emtebinho

    Emtebinho New Member

    Sick, new keyboard inc :heart:
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