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Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by Razer|Junch, Apr 4, 2016.

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  1. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member


    With the launch of the Razer Ripsaw – the final piece of the Razer Broadcaster puzzle, we’re preparing to do more cool stuff around the world of streaming, and help people get started in the right way. To that end, I’m going to be regularly posting a bunch of stuff on Insider around streaming and doing cool stuff with Razer Broadcaster gear.

    Here’s a disclaimer: I’ve streamed a bunch, and I’m pretty good as far as the tech is concerned, but there are others in Razer with mad skillz. People like Razer|Quick and Razer|Sombrero, who stream regularly and build a community around their content. In addition, we also have our very own Razer Twitch channel here. Do check all these links out!

    But I also know there are a bunch of you folk here who stream and share content on Twitch/YouTube, so I’d like to ask you guys to comment below with your Twitch/YouTube links, and let everyone know what you play and all sorts of other cool stuff.

    When you do comment below, I’d like for you to also answer this question: “What got you into streaming?” Share your origin story, and hopefully, others who are thinking about picking up streaming, will get inspired too!

    I'll start: "I got started streaming because I found that instead of just telling people about the cool stuff I got up to in games, I could just show them a cool vid instead."
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I almost wish I had links to share, but I've never streamed a day in my life yet. However, I'm very fascinated in it and I have considered trying it out. That being said, I am very excited to see what everyone else posts and here and starting to follow along with some of our fellow Insiders. What an exciting new thread!!
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  3. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Back when I was in highschool, a buddy of mine and I conceived the idea for our own channel and content. We bought a couple capture cards for our 360's and made a few videos here and there. Some other friends of ours apparently had the same idea and so we even participated in a couple podcasts as an experiment. Back then I didn't even have close to good enough internet to support streaming, but I practiced my commentary and video editing skills. We even came up with some good ideas for video series and our own website, but then life happened and none of that ended up coming to fruition. Haha I did end up using some of our concepts in the application for the sponsored streamer program and I did get in on the entry level. I haven't made anything in a while, but lately I have been experimenting with OBS and Cortex stream quite a bit. I have streamed myself playing some ranked Smite as well as the Doom beta while I was finalizing some stream settings. I have had a seiren for quite a while and love it, and my Ripsaw came in the mail on Saturday. Currently my plans are to get a Razer Insider community event up and running kinda like a Friday Night Magic sort of setup where we can all get together and just play games. I plan to start making content again very soon and seeing Razer get involved in this aspect of gaming is great.
  4. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    I had been watching a few streams awhile back and it got me interested in starting my own stream. I had a buddy that had been using OBS so he helped me get set up. So I began streaming some COD4 and Advanced Warfare as I began to get a feel for streaming content. With Razer now having made streaming software, it's much easier and quicker to get my stream up and running. Now I mostly play Rocket League so that's what is on my channel most often. I don't have a large following at all since I don't stream consistently or have the time to. But it's still fun to do it every once in awhile.

    Twitch name is GoCr4zY.
  5. Zanderion

    Zanderion New Member

    Hi guys,
    I'm new here to the forums but after having an awesome day of streaming, I was shown this thread and figured I'd share. I've been streaming for about 2 months now and I owe it all to a friend of mine who wanted me to show people how I played games. Since I play almost exclusively with one hand, he thought it was unique and that Twitch needed something like that in the broadcast community. I play WoW, Division and League of Legends and showcase how I game using a special Razer MMO mouse and ( starting next week) a footpedal. I've met so many awesome people so far, and even a bunch of fellow disabled gamers that shared their stories with me. So far, it's probably been one of the best experiences I've had gaming period. As for my Twitch schedule and channel, I stream 5-6 days a week on average at varying times, sometimes even twice daily. (I really like streaming.) I'm looking forward to reading all of your replies and to check out your channels!

    Thanks everyone!
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  6. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Hey Destrok, thanks for sharing your story. Honestly, I feel like starting streaming is a matter of getting comfortable with having stuff turned on while you do what you're always doing i.e. gaming. I say KEEP AT IT, and YES, a Friday Night Magic thing sounds cool. I'm certain if you get the ball rolling on that, @technokat senpai will notice and something MAGICal might happen.

    Thanks for your continued support of our streamer products.
  7. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Hey jpants94, Rocket League is a rad game. So, so rad. What's your usual time for streaming? Prob cool to stream when that basketball stuff is up eh? Could be totally worth sharing that stuff with people who are curious to see what that looks like.
  8. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Zand, can I first say, that is incredible - one-handed gaming with the Naga, damn. I also am curious to see how the footpedal works out. Can you please update this thread when you've got that set up? Would like to know more about it.
  9. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    It really is, you kinda have to train yourself to get used to talking into the mic while playing, monitoring your twitch dashboard, and just having all those different things running at once. You're doing what you usually do but this time you have to remember to interact both with your audience and all the tech sitting next to you XD I spent alot of time today messing with my Ripsaw and OBS settings. I am excited to get back into content creating.
  10. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    I usually don't have a set time for streaming. I just stream when I have free time, which I haven't had as much due to it being my senior year in college and having a ton of projects due. I would say I usually stream Saturdays during the afternoon for a few hours. Yeah, that basketball update looks awesome. I'm more looking forward to the crossplatform addition of Xbox1 players. I play on PC but having more people to play against is a great thing. I might have more time in the summer to get the stream going. I have the Planet Coaster alpha and may start streaming that since it is fairly new. Great game by the way.
  11. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Please do, and let me know when you do!
  12. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Been a big fan of Rollercoaster Tycoon so I'm hoping Planet Coaster scratches that itch for me too haha.
  13. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

  14. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    Honestly I bought Roller Coaster Tycoon World last October to get in on the first beta. The beta wasn't too great as you can see from reviews but I feel the game is getting a bad rep because planet coaster is offering so much more and it's only in alpha. Since I can't get a refund for RCTW, I'll be playing both. I do like how they've updated the coaster builder for rctw. It's not great by any means but it is loads better then what it was during the beta.

    Planet coaster just feels a little bit more realistic to me and it's cheaper for anyone not wanting the alpha. I've been a big fan of the building tools that have been implemented into the game. Your park is able to feel more lifelike. If you look on youtube, some people have made some crazy looking buildings.

    I played all of the roller coaster tycoon games when I was younger. I grew up with the first one. I still play rct2 every once in awhile on my stealth.

    I'd recommend planet coaster over rctw at this moment but that can change (doubt it but you never know).
  15. Duopally

    Duopally New Member

  16. Dunker_23

    Dunker_23 Member

    You probably know my YouTube channel. (If you didn't get the hint its my username here)
    My friend Drew got me into streaming. He also got me into YouTube to.
  17. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Yeah think I'm going to wait till there's a little more meat on the bones on either before I try, but Planet Coaster definitely attracts my attention more of the two new ones.

    Have you signed up to our Supported Streamer Program yet? What you said about a "stream team", we're planning on adding more cool opportunities for streamers over time through that.

    HAHAHA dat Cookie Clicker vid dough. Thanks for sharing yo. Keep up the good work, man.
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  18. monkey682

    monkey682 New Member

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to get in to streaming for a long time but my internet just wasn't up to the task :slightly_sad: BUT that is no longer the case so i decided to give it my best shot! I streamed a little here and there using OBS for pc games and the Twitch app on my xbox one. It was only recently (two weeks ago) that i decided to get serious when i bought a decent mic set up and my awesome new Razer Ripsaw :big_grin_: With this new set up I've been able to move away from using the twitch app and stream with better quality and greater control over my stream.

    One of the things that got me streaming is my belief that gaming is better together. While online gaming can be very social and fun, it can also feel very disconnected and lacks the feeling from good old couch gaming with your buddies. Streaming opens up to a unique community feel where you are all sitting on the same big digital couch.

    Another reason was having those great moments where you think "Man, i wish some one was here to see that!" Now they can be :big_grin_:

    I'll definitely be checking out the channels of everyone here and feel free to drop by mine and say hi

    Thanks everyone, happy gaming!
  19. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Stream looks tight bro, thanks for supporting the Ripsaw. Also, good luck with dat Dark Souls 3. PRAISE THE SUN!!!!!
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  20. OLinaLin

    OLinaLin New Member

    I got into streaming just for something to do at first while I was still in college. Since graduating I do it every day. I've just found that it is something I'm very passionate about and really love doing. I'll stream anything from League of Legends to horror games and even chill games like Stardew Valley. I'm pretty open to what games I stream since I don't want to be a streamer that only plays one or two specific games (though there is nothing wrong with that!). I just really enjoy talking to people while I'm gaming especially when you can tell that they are really passionate about the game and just share a ton of knowledge that they have on it.
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