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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Min-Liang Tan, Aug 14, 2017.

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    Unfortunately greed is not something uncommon on human behavior, but I think that it would be better if someone who doesn't have a Razer product, to have less profit from the whole Cortex and zSilver system, and I explain my shelf as to why I say that. Let's say you have a kid that cannot afford to buy a Razer product, but it doesn't nug, nor complains about anything, why should this kid lose (totally) his privileges with zSilver for someone else who want to just get free stuff without even trying to play to get the zSilver? I believe that reducing the profit for non-Razer owners would be fair (since that you can easily get 1 product in less than 2 months playing)!
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  2. This is really sad to hear, I can't believe people are doing this. I never expected you would get so many complaints about it.
    Especially given how you have generously expanded the amount of available rewards since first launch to give people much more choice.

    It sucks that this is happening, so I understand why the interest in this idea. But as other have said, maybe locking out people without razer gear won't be taken too kindly. (no doubt most outrage will be by the people selling products for gain anyway).

    Instead I think you could maybe put either more of a limit on users without razer gear, or maybe give more incentive for users with razer gear. (could make double cap/earn events exclusive etc)

    LIke maybe limit the zsilver per minute to 1 for all games and set the cap to 500 for non-customers. That way those who really do want to grind for razer gear will still have the chance to do so, and once they get over the initial hump and register their first reward, they'll be able to earn the same as everyone else. Anyone who complains about it will no doubt not be true fans like the people mentioned to you who are being ungrateful.

    If it wasn't for this program I would never have been able to get my razer gear, I wanted razer stuff for so long but wasn't ever in a position to afford it, so I always had to make do with cheaper alternatives. Now thanks to you I'm finally one of the owners of razer gear, after being a fan and following your progress all this time. So, thank you :)
    (I'm sure some people who splashed cash on razer might not think of me as one of their own though)

    So anyone who does complain about the program, imo, is not a real fan. But as mentioned, I can understand why making zsilver exclusive would upset some genuine fans who have not yet had the opportunity to earn enough to get some gear. However I know it would upset a whole lot more people if you had to pull the program all together.
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    I have no razer gear yet but I am really looking forward to redeem a keyboard for myself. (Finally got enough point on December but voucher out of stock currently,sob ) or could razer set a timeframe (3 month or Half year?) for the user to activate the product thru Razer Cortex to verify the user did used the item? Or maybe force zsilver redeem item tie with the Razer ID or else user cannot use specific function(Chrome effect) or so.

    I know its a bit tricky and hacker always can hack those verification process. but I believe its better then those "Real Fans" benefits.

    Who redeem, and that Razer ID must activate and verify the hardware.

    Btw, can I know when all Malaysia keyboard voucher gonna replenish? It will be too sad if the voucher never replenish, really wishing to get 1 before Chinese New Year Festive. :slightly_sad:
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    As I said earlier, that won't work:
  5. I belieive what was suggested in the op was that zsilver would only be earned on the account that the product is registered on. (or just any razer product)
    So in your case the mouse itself would still work regardless of who was logged in (I mean it is a mouse, it works without synapse anyway).

    I assume you mean the desktop as a whole is shared, not just the mouse. In that respect one of your brothers could register a headset, you all share it, but he gets zsilver because he now has a registered product on his account, you have the mouse, so you can earn zsilver too.

    But you can all still use the hardware, it's not software restricted. You don't have to login to use your hardware, this isn't like EA. Last I checked DRM doesn't exist for physical products, they are by nature only usable by one person at a time and must be bought prior so there's no need.(usually) To do what you describe, Razer would have to somehow rip all the plug-and-play out of their existing products to lock the software behind your account.
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    I was actually talking about synapse not working for the mouse in my brother account (him not being able to customize the mouse), but I completely agree with you.
    Although in my case I have all products registered to my account since my brother is younger and I'm the one who takes care of everything PC related.
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    I have around 7 years old razer headset. I never tried to use synapse for it. And can I? I dont even know their model. They passed trough a lot of things but still using them without a problem and are working perfect. Any suggestions will be they detected in synapse?
    At all i dont like this idea.
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    what would happen to existing Cortex users that are building up their zsilvler right now? I haven't bought a Razer product yet through the website but I do have a Razer product.
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    Excuse me but that's paradoxal!
    I'm now part of the razer community cuz I could grind ZSilver through some months so that I could have something from Razer almost for free.
    Now you want to turn these idea of grind for dreams just pointless.
    I and many others saw the ZSilver as the "Light in the end of the tunnel" in the never endding desire of having something from Razer cuz we couldn´t afford it other way.

    Take in mind that not everyone is the same and has the same quantity of money.
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    If this does happen, and begins to track via Synapse, maybe you could show a bit of love to all your Mac users, and give them Paid to Play access? :D
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    I think instead of making it hard for those who are in the community but don't have this opportunity to buy Razer products, instead, you should keep this great idea of getting people into the razer community and use your products making us support you and finally those who did use your cortex for eBay sells (in my opinion stupid) didn't get it easy as you need to put a lot of time into getting these things, and they did use your products and the games in the cortex.
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    Headphones connected by audio jack are not detected by synapse. Instead I use synapse for the equalizer to make them sound better.
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    So the idea of Mr. @mltan is totally unclear and not well conceived! If Razer is going to make this happen, they have to do a lot of changes over what Mr. Tan is suggesting. For example in my case I cant prove I have razer hadset through synapse. Yeah, the headset might be old, but I gave big amount of money for them as every other Razer user did, whether they are old or new. Im living in a small country where every big foreign brand is being destributed with very high mark-up(not sure if im using the correct word, I googled it, the word might be overprice). If an american can buy a razer product for 100$, in my country its price will be 150$ ... Furthermore, our standard of living is very low and, on top of that, we are obliged to pay such amounts. Would be good if Razer opens official stores in the bigger cities of Bulgaria and selling products with normal prices. We are poor country without such stores like Razer, Microsoft etc.There are only resellers selling everything so overpriced that no one can afford it here.
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    I'm sure that many fans including myself would love to see a mouse with the underglow effect from the D.Va mouse in chroma of course. As we all want to fill our desktop with chroma lightning this would be another good gear to have.
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    The idea came from a fan that contacted him through facebook.
    Can't you buy the gear in There is normally free shipping for orders above 60€. This way you can go around the local stores.
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    It's good idea, but shipping killing this think, like i want a Razer Deathadder Elite, Price 70€ but i must pay 35€ for shipping and this killing it, there r country with 90€ shippment or 50€, some people are not rich and they just dont have a lot of money for paying a shippment :/ Get free stuff is cool, but shipment :/ Shippment company killing it totality
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    There's only United States option in the country section...
  18. CiannPT

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    There are lots of other countries. go here!
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    FREE Standard Shipping on orders over US$49 within the United States.

    Dude, dont be funny no one will offer anything worldwide without local store/warehouse near the buyer. What profit can razer make if they sell cheap product and pay the same amount for transport when theres not local store or warehouse near, they can even lose money, thats simple. Thats what Im talking about, you cant get my point or you just dont understand economics (im studying in economics high school :big_grin_:).Or in the specific country, there should be more orders so Razer can make profit. I didnt believe what you are saying for a second and I was right.. Thats why, as i said, everything here is so expensive, because there is not Razer store/warehouse near and our resellers have to pay for transport and then they are selling the product expensive. And thats why americans have not to pay shipping, because there is local store or warehouse almost everywhere in US and it costs Razer almost nothing to transport the product to the user. :wink_:
    Edit: Sorry, Im wrong. There is free shipping for the bigger countries in Europe(Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden.). but Bulgaria is still not included there. Guess why. There are official stores in these countries or just Razer has a big net of supplies there.

    So razer has free shipping for just 11 countries in Europe out of 51 total european countries. Thats a huge number, 40 countries that their inhabitants has to pay more to resellers for razer products if they dont use Amazon for example. So the idea this thread is for totally s*cks... Just because maybe half of the countries on the world are selling razer products more expensive than the other half and its unfair some random guy having a razer mouse for which he paid 50$ for example and can earn zsilver already using Paid to play, but I have to pay 70$ for the exact same mouse to use Paid to play o_O ... Unfair idea @mltan !!!
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    I think this is an unavoidable issue...
    True fans doesn't mean he must own a Razer product.
    What if he is on a tight budget while he building his battlestation.