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Is it too late to start WoW now?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Elfreid, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    You may need to wait patiently. I have a lvl 15 Rogue now. But will be quite busy for work lately, so do not have too much time for it. :slightly_sad::slightly_sad:
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I'm patient. I dont' mind waiting. Besides, not like I'm going anywhere. lol
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  3. TheGuyz808

    TheGuyz808 New Member

    it is never to late
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  4. Never too late! WoW will always be there, just buy some game time and log on!
  5. mkdicki521

    mkdicki521 New Member

    If you buy Warlords of Draenor you automatically get a level 90 boost. You wouldn't have to play the 90 right off the bat. :) Do your research and learn the character. Wowhead and things like that are amazing sites and can walk you through any character. I have a level 90 monk that I boosted and I've been researching for weeks. I take her out and kill birds and things or I get on my husbands and he lets me fail at pvp or dungeons and shows me how to play. But it is never too late to start playing Wow, you just missed the differences of the past expansions and some of the storyline.
  6. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    I started with a Night Elf rogue now and not using my 90 boost yet. Wanted to use it for my 2nd char maybe. I would like to enjoy the story line for now. :D
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  7. mkdicki521

    mkdicki521 New Member

    That's great. Try now to get too caught up in only liking one faction either. I love both Horde and Alliance for entirely different reasons. I get bored with one side I'll got and play my other characters for a while. It's refreshing.
  8. ahebib

    ahebib New Member

    No. It's actually the best time to start wow. With a guild you can level your character faster and professions have become incredibly easy to level in Draenor. You can either level quickly through quests or you can just do dungeons. Your choice.

    N3RDYOPS New Member

    Its never to late!
  10. Pinksolowatch031

    Pinksolowatch031 New Member

    I agree, its never too late, but you'll get more out of it if you find a social group rather than go at it solo.
  11. Pinksolowatch031

    Pinksolowatch031 New Member

    Also if you decide to go on Shandris look me up - Kander
  12. 061113_xf_rzr

    061113_xf_rzr New Member

    Wow costs too much money, I dont like it. I prefer lol
  13. Dstan

    Dstan New Member

    Not at all. I started just before WoD started. I've had a good time doing most of what the game has to offer.
  14. dom19

    dom19 New Member

    No it is not too late
  15. bytecarAshGrey099

    bytecarAshGrey099 New Member

    I second this one.
  16. fishbone94

    fishbone94 New Member

    It's definitely not too late to start WoW. As one of the games having one of the most biggest player-base in the world even after 10 years says something about the quality and community of the game. Plus, you can always just trial account till level20 if you haven't already! Cheers!
  17. InfernoViper05

    InfernoViper05 New Member

    I wish I could continue to play, but I had to take a break for life and have never gotten back into it. I have a bunch of friends that started back up and I would love to join them. Even if it's 10 yrs old, it's still fun.
  18. briank1138

    briank1138 New Member

    If anything, it's much easier to get into Wow now than ever before.
  19. Aquifel

    Aquifel New Member

    I spend most of my time doing old content in WoW (although, there is a ton of new stuff all the time), so id say its never too late :D.
  20. its never too late to start wow
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