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Let there be light - the Razer Firefly

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by technokat, May 21, 2015.

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  1. angelsfallen

    angelsfallen Active Member

    Does Anyone know when this mouse pad comes out ?
  2. Dubstep-Man

    Dubstep-Man Member

    it is supposed to come out this month
  3. angelsfallen

    angelsfallen Active Member

    Thanks Hope it soon this month :) . I want one . it go great with my desk because my desk is LED lights and my razer mouse and headphones .
  4. Dubstep-Man

    Dubstep-Man Member

    I want one too but i haven't any razer's stuff yet, but i want to buy the DeathAdder, the BlackWidow, the Kraken and probably the Sabertooth but it's really expensive :/
    sorry if i do some fault in english, i'm french :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  5. Whats my nickname?
  6. Hellfire57

    Hellfire57 New Member

    This is so god dam epic I love it!
  7. PlumWebbestbook485

    PlumWebbestbook485 New Member

  8. This looks freaking awesome!!!!
  9. Dubstep-Man

    Dubstep-Man Member

    Oh yes it looks very nice! :) everyone hope to win haha ^^
  10. I think it comes out today, they are starting to process orders
  11. Clarettechplane018

    Clarettechplane018 New Member

    very nice. i like it
  12. vmpx2

    vmpx2 New Member

  13. XxBluRxX

    XxBluRxX New Member

    is this hard mat?
  14. Dubstep-Man

    Dubstep-Man Member

    Yes it's a hard mat, it's like the razer invicta :)
  15. FranciumF

    FranciumF New Member

  16. RiChIe2369

    RiChIe2369 New Member

  17. badawe

    badawe New Member

    Awesome :D
  18. niallbarr

    niallbarr New Member

  19. JohnnyDoDamage

    JohnnyDoDamage New Member

    The chroma set looks amazing!!!
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