Make Synapse 3 Available for Razer Blades!

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Do you want Synapse 3 on Razer Blades?

  1. Hell yes! I want to be able to use my Razer devices together

  2. Naw, I rather have more trouble and not use my devices to their full potential

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  3. I don't care about Razer and not willing to contribute my opinion

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  1. tl;dr Razer should make Synapse 3 available for their own Razer Blades.

    Let's be honest here, Razer Blade is one of the most expensive devices by Razer, yet only Razer Blade 2018 is supported by Synapse 3. A lot of fans that have a Razer Blade would also own other Razer Peripherals like Mouse, maybe external keyboard at home. So why is it not available yet? I would love to finally sync up my keyboard and mouse while gaming! Not only that, by making Synapse 3 not available to these blades, while restricting some devices ONLY to synapse 3, it really restricts us from buying them, since Synapse 3 and 2 dont work together well. Example: People buy Razer Blade for it's portability, yet the Razer Atheris which is advertise for it's portability, only works on Synapse 3, while Blade only works for Synapse 2, which means I either sacrifice my entire computer, or my mouse from using to it's full potential (It suffers a huge amount of input lag if using 2.4ghz connectivity without Synapse 3). Razer does make some really amazing hardware, it's something we can all agree on, but if it's own devices cant work with each other in it's own ecosystem, something isn't right.

    While I do understand Synapse 3 is still in beta and the developers are getting worked on, I am petitioning for Razer to focus on allowing access for blades first, so that it can improve this ecosystem and allow us Blade users access to other Razer peripherals, otherwise it is really restrictive. At this stage, I might as well get another brand's hardware, and sync the lighting with Aura (3rd party software), and it would at least work compared to other Razer Peripherals.

    Synapse 3 works well for Blade 2018, it's amazing, I dont think it is that much effort making it available for other blades too since the functions are similar (I have the 2017 Blade UHD). While some people don't prefer Synapse 3, I think this option should at least be made available, especially for people with conflicting peripherals.

    Let's bring this to Razer's attention and hopefully they can do something about it!



    If using Synapse 2:
    Some peripherals are restricted to Synapse 3
    Cannot sync lighting
    Software issues / lag/ cannot change settings for devices that require Synapse 3

    If using Synapse 3:
    Blade wont work
    Cannot sync lighting for unsupported devices
    Still in beta, so a lot of bugs

    If using both:
    Conflicting software
    2x cpu usage
    Still cannot sync lighting between some devices
    devices that are supported on both have issues being detected/ choose which to work on

    Solution: Let synapse 3 work on Blades, for the lighting sync, portability, hypershift function to give my keyboard more options on the limited keyboard space, Gaming mode to boost performance
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    Yeah, gotcha Synapse Team, More overtime please;)
  3. Thanks :) Let's get them aware of this so we can all benefit!
    If anyone know who the developers are/ people who can help bring this to their attention, do tag them here :blush:, even tagging the mods/ admins helps!
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