Mouse Mats: Speed vs Control?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by kajira, Nov 6, 2014.


Mouse Mats: Speed vs Control?

  1. Speed

    42 vote(s)
  2. Control

    68 vote(s)
  3. Don't Care

    3 vote(s)
  4. Don't Know/Notice the Difference

    31 vote(s)
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  1. JGxTech90

    JGxTech90 New Member

    I'm gonna say precision for me. I play a lot of FPS but I can speed up mouse sensitivity and just get used to it over time. Just my personal opinion though. I'd rather have a pad that doesn't mess up my mouse tracking
  2. Tefondre

    Tefondre New Member

    Yeah I agree. It's kinda annoying maintaining the control side of mouse pads. But since I play mostly mmo's it's worth it to have that instead of speed.
  3. igromanru

    igromanru New Member

  4. Depends on the type of game. For my MMORPGS I prefer the speed surface... However I'm usually the sniper in my FPS teams, so control is a little better in those situations!
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  5. TugboatSpenny

    TugboatSpenny Active Member

    I would definitely go control personally. I have no problem with speed...its control where my problems lie lol
  6. Definitely going for control edition. I need the precision in FPS and not just high speed
  7. RaulCappy

    RaulCappy New Member

    I read on different blogs that the control edition does nothing other than destroy mouse feet and collect dirt... It is true? I might go buying the control one because i have 10.000 dpi and that mean a lot of speed and i don't want to waste my money. Thanks for helping me.
  8. Safle

    Safle New Member

    Currently using the Deathadder 2013 with my Goliathus Speed Edition. I have used my friends control edition and do not like the bumpy feeling you get while using the control edition. The smooth speed edition is therefore superior in my mind.
  9. MongoosePanda

    MongoosePanda Active Member

    Vespula Control side. I change my DPI at times during FPS which give the same results for me personally as the speed side does.

    Also like a few others said, the mouse really slides on the speed side xD
  10. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    That's exactly my way of locking up my pc! It is even more effective than using a password or anything. All of them cannot even go to Synapse and change the setting. LOL :D:D:D
  11. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I use both sides of my vespula. The control side for my Mamba and the speed side for my little default microsoft wireless mouse when I am charging my mamba. I also prefer the speed side for my Naga epic. It's all personal preference but in the end it doesn't really matter. I love my vespula's wrist wrest the most, hahaha.
  12. RaulCappy

    RaulCappy New Member

    Is the control edition destroying mouse feet? (Tomorrow i'll order the Goliathus Control Edition and i want to be sure that i'll make the right choice)
  13. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    When you glide an object on another object, there is always has a wear off rate. For this case, the wear off rate is so little that you will not realize. So, do not worry about that and go get your Goliathus Control. Enjoy your new improved gaming experience!
  14. oakmage

    oakmage New Member

    I've always used the Control edition mouse mats and have had 3 separate Razer mouses over the course of 8+ years, never once replaced the feet. I've only had two mouse mats if that helps as well, the first was the Mantis Control, second, and what I currently use: Goliathus Control.
  15. Razer|Captain_xf_rzr

    Razer|Captain_xf_rzr Active Member Staff Member

    Invicta with the control side.

    A mamba with fresh mouse feet is already a silky smooth beast, that needs a rough tumble with a control mat to keep it in check. I guess you could use the speed mat with a low DPI, but I'm too lazy to drag my hand across my desk.
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  16. hey im currently pondering between the control and speed. i play both FPS and MMORPGs and am currently using a Naga Epic which is about 3 years old now but still in fairly good shape. i'm an old school CS player so i'm used to playing at low sensitivities though old age has caught up so i'm at about 4.4 sensitivity in CSGO. lots of posts say the control in the better pad. could anyone recommend which one of the 2 would be best for me? thanks!
  17. I currently just use a plain mouse pad, but used to have a control mouse pad from Razer (Forget which one) and it was awesome. I personally have my sensitivity extremely high and barely move my mouse for maximum control in games
  18. Ajw1297

    Ajw1297 New Member

    I am more into the control, I like being able to have full feeling of the movement.
  19. control is nice but when you play at lower DPI speed is perfectly fine.

    in the end it's just about how it feels to you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  20. Control is more important, it's better to be able to click correctly the first time rather than misclick a couple times due to speed.
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