Discussion in 'Audio' started by delight, Apr 22, 2015.

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  1. redfox.angle

    redfox.angle New Member

    Admit it not all people who want Razer items get it as easy as others may. My fist encounter with razer and fell in love with it when i got to play on one of mineski cafe. I can't afford to buy right away. For those people just like me who's dreaming to have one of these for our own. Lets help each other to achive our goal. A full razer set-up!!

    My strategy now is to buy Kraken Chroma 1st. :)
    although donations is also accepted. hihihi
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  2. Saydee_

    Saydee_ New Member

    Kraken chroma is def the next piece on my wish list. Slowly getting there :) hope you're able to get one soon
  3. redfox.angle

    redfox.angle New Member

    i SUPER hope so.
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