Netflix requires update but "device not compatible"

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by ngonen, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. ngonen

    ngonen New Member

    running factory image oreo 8.1.0 (where netflix "1.0.0" is embedded in the image, not out of playstore)
    suddenly on 8/21 netflix wouldn't login anymore, instead in login screen shows message "you must update the app before you can continue" with link to store, but in play store in netflix app page shows "your device is not compatible"

    can't side load as remedy bc/ can't find (am I going nuts?) security menu allowing "other sources" - please direct me there if you can find it. so that's no option.

    since my bootloader was unlocked, relocked it in hope maybe that will help but no change - still same.

    current netflix ver in store is 2.x - so clearly factory image player is way behind....
    not sure how to proceed other than attempt using adb or other utils to directly find the netflix apk and remove (any reason I shouldn't try it?)

    any advice super welcome, thanks!
Thread Status:
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