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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by ItzGiga, Jul 2, 2017.

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  1. ItzGiga

    ItzGiga New Member

    There's quite a few games that you can get paid to play with, but there's two games that I want added.
    • Minecraft- I play Minecraft a lot, and I would like to see it get added to the list of supported games.
    • Undertale- This is a really popular game, and at night, I like winding down by playing it.
    Thank you for reading!
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  2. CharlsDavid

    CharlsDavid New Member

    Those 2 are nice but I would add Heroes of the Storm too. It is a bit sad that it is olmost the only Blizzard game that is not in Cortex...
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  3. al7mn

    al7mn New Member

    That's very nice Games, i wish they add Call Of Duty is my favorite :)
  4. pshater1373

    pshater1373 New Member

    It's a shame that StarCraft II is also not on the list, as it is still such a competitive esport
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  5. CharlsDavid

    CharlsDavid New Member

    Totaly agree. It is an awsome game but it is not really popular in Europe and It is usually understimated because of it. But Blizzard is screwing it with the DLCs....
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  6. Nyion

    Nyion New Member

    I'm with you!
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