New Razer has vertical lines on white/bright backgrounds

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Mpetan, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. Mpetan

    Mpetan New Member

    Just got my new razer phone and out of the box it has vertical lines that are different tone/color wise whenever I'm on a bright page (eg google homepage). Is this normal or worthy of a warranty claim?
  2. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I don't know. If I was in that position I would just take that back to the store an exchange it. If you're not in the position to do that here's the Razer Phone Support page. If you still don't find the answer you're looking for I would try the Razer Support Page. Probably the Live Chat. I've used Razer Support two times in the past at the suggestion of Razer's CEO. And both times I came away with the feeling of being catered to. Especially with the follow ups which were live BTW. I could tell by the way the person wrote.
  3. Xshooter726

    Xshooter726 New Member

    Also received my phone today and the lines are very noticeable on white pages.
    Being that this phone shipped out of Hong Kong doing a warranty replacement in the US sounds like its going to be a big pain smh.
  4. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    Though I'm not sure, it does look like you can see the panel quadrants(you can on all phones to an extent) a bit when it's a white screen turned all the way up? It's very, very, very faint, though I don't plan on staring at white screens and messing up my vision to try and see it. :)

    Can you take a pic about what you're talking about?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
  5. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    Sounds like a problem with the display. I 100% recommend a warranty repair / replacement. I believe that is a hardware issue that many phones have had, almost no fix to my knowledge.
  6. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    I would RMA it :/

    I really hope the Razer Phone isn't flawed...
  7. SOVTH

    SOVTH New Member

    I came across this thread because I was Googling this issue. I am seeing the same thing on the phone I just got from Microsoft. I noticed the lines as soon as I turned on the phone. They are faint, but still enough there to notice on white screens. I've tried my best to get a picture... no luck though.
  8. uJamB0

    uJamB0 New Member

    Its not a display problem well it is but its not faulty it can happen when your outputting over the refresh rate or another cause I ran into on pc was screen optimization in windows 10 I only mention this as im pretty sure razer uses similar techniques
  9. SOVTH

    SOVTH New Member

    I will also add... if this was how the display was supposed to be... I am sure we would of heard of it from reviewers who have had the phone. I noticed it RIGHT at set up.
  10. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    It's not exactly a common issue, a lot of phones have this - but consider how many phones there actually are. 7 billion phones lol.
  11. Saw peolple with the same issue on XDA.
    Can you take a photo ?
  12. SOVTH

    SOVTH New Member

    I tried myself to get a picture. Really hard to do.
  13. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
  14. Monster__

    Monster__ New Member

    I did not read the rest of the comments but I noticed this on mine within the first hour. I since then have seen a handful of Razer Phones. They all have them from the ones I've seen. They are brown dots. Razer Support has already escalated this to their engineering team. The brown dots look like the Digitizer. You can see the dots if the screen is off and you tilt the phone.
  15. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    This is the negative of touch devices.
    Normally you can always see them if the screen is off. The 3 phones I've handled so far all have them. (And every touchscreen I've ever handled)
    Some screens are more noticeable than others, but you don't see anything when you're gaming or watching videos or browsing webpages that do not have white all over.

    I don't think it's a defective, and if you're not looking at a white background, let alone you have to look for it, you do not see them.

    Phone still worth 700$?
    Without a doubt.
    Manufacturer defect? Possible, but from all the other brand screens I've seen, unlikely.
  16. Monster__

    Monster__ New Member

    Its just we shouldn't see them. You don't see them on the iPhone unless the screen is off. I agree though. Phone still worth it.
  17. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    I have noticed the gray lines seem to be less visible after use of the phone for a few days.
    It very well could be a calibration issue but idk.
    Read up on how touchscreens work and each has their own positive and negatives from what I could see.

    I think it boils down to the fact panels can't be made with 100% transparency of the digitizer.

    But ya, unless I've inadvertently changed something, they're not as bad as the OOBE.
  18. TURQUIOSEbest014

    TURQUIOSEbest014 Active Member

    Are any staff going to weigh in on this, seems to be talked about wherever the Razer phone is being brought up.
  19. Monster__

    Monster__ New Member

    From Razer Mobile Support "You shouldn't be seeing those please exchange device at Microsoft Store. We have escalated this to our Engineering Team." Someone really needs to chime in though because majority of people are seeing them AND every Razer Phone I have seen has the brown dots.
  20. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    Concerning the brown dots, I don't think when the phone is off, anything should even be considered an argument against the panel.
    I don't think looking at your screen while it's off under glare off a light at a funky angle is an actual use-case scenario.

    Otherwise I've seen the gray shadow lines on 3 phones, so I doubt an exchange will be different right now. Might be best to wait a months at least? Anyone get another yet without it?

    Have you exchanged it yet?
    I would be curious if it actually was a botched run of screens or such. I do think the visibility of it has gone down a great deal since first power on. Perhaps it's a temporary thing, like glue that needs extended periods of time to cure or such. I just tried again to 'see' them, I can hardly see them to the point of, I might as well be trying to see the individual pixels. (absolutely something you can't see during normal use unless you keep the phone 1" from your nose- because that's not how people use phones)

    If Razer officially comments on something, they're either admitting there's an issue or at least admitting something was incorrect. Idk, perhaps I'll contact customer service in a few months after things get going.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
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