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Optical audio Bitstream out or Dolby Atmos

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Doogymoogy, Nov 24, 2018.

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  1. Doogymoogy

    Doogymoogy New Member

    Hi there,

    Firstly sorry if I have misunderstood this or if this has already been covered but I have just bought a Razer Thresher Ultimate for Xbox One X and have it set up as instructed -

    HDMI Audio - stereo compressed
    Optical Audio - Bitstream Out
    Bitstream format - Dolby digital
    Headset format - Stereo uncompressed

    My question is I used to use Dolby Atmos ( Turtle Beach 700) before I upgraded to this wonderful headset and wonder what the pros and cons are for both set ups. I really like the extra volume on this headset and was just wondering what you kind folks suggest - should I leave as set up or is there any benefit of using Dolby Atmos over this set up?

    Many thanks

  2. NanoPolymath

    NanoPolymath New Member

    Hi Doogy,
    First let’s get the disclaimers out of the way. I do not work for Razer or profess to be any kind of expert in this field. I am just a gamer who recently purchased the Razer Thresher Ultimate headphones for Xbox One X. Whom after attempting many configurations, wish to share my personal feedback/experiences to help others.

    I was a little disheartened to hear some negative feedback in researching these headphones (but not put off) as I believe in choosing the correct headphones must come with the understanding of the users intended use of the product. For example, some stated about other ranges not being great for Xbox One, forgetting that the product they have chosen had been fine tuned for PC settings. Along with others disbelieving (incorrectly) mic monitoring options. This product has been uniquely designed & configured for your Xbox.

    As far as your settings go on your Xbox, Razer & Xbox have worked very hard together to bring the best harmony within this product. Giving the best experience possible, in my opinion. Therefore, your initial settings -

    HDMI Audio - stereo compressed

    Optical Audio - Bitstream Out

    Bitstream format - Dolby digital

    Headset format - Stereo uncompressed

    Are correct. These will change automatically with extra settings applied. As with just these alone you will not (again in my opinion) be getting the best from this product. As further adjustments are needed. Without making further adjusts its possible to get some bass distortion, along with echoey in-game narratives. (while using on the Xbox One X) Your above settings would aid in providing great sound quality on the standard Xbox One (OG) & the S version along with those that do not have the Dolby Atmos program. In this case, I would suggest turning the 7.1 Surround Sound Hub option to on. But personal choice is always preference. Just remember not to select both surround option like Windows Sonic & the Hub 7.1 option. It should be one or the other, to prevent conflict. You either desire the Xbox/Windows to provide Surround Sound levels or you want this to come from your Razer device.

    Firstly, attach your product to your PC, let windows add driver & configure it. Then download the Synapse 2.0 Program along with the Surround Sound upgrade, select the option to check for updates. Unfortunately, at present the Thresher Ultimate for Xbox product is not available in the pull-down list. I have suggested feedback to the Razer Team, regarding this & I’m hopeful this will be added later. Maybe when Synapse 3.0 comes out of Beta, really surprised it’s not there already. Maybe, you could also make the same feedback request, so the guys know of more users wishing to have this added. So, as it stands. It’s best to just select the Stereo Headphones options. Make sure your hub is connected & the Dolby option on it is turned on, turn your mic all the way down & test. If you hear sound great, next steps go through the Calibration settings to calibrate. Everything else is left at default.

    Return the hub to your Xbox, open settings & go to Audio settings, turn the 7.1 Surround Sound option on the hub off, as advised on your display screen. You do not need this on If you are utilising the optical cable & have Dolby Atoms for Xbox installed, as these will create your surround effect. Check the Dolby Atmos is selected & the connected vis optical box is ticked. Xbox will sync & optimise the settings automatically for your headset & the sound will be phenomenal.

    My only gripe with this product (so far) is I would’ve liked a Synapse Universal App for the Xbox, allowing configurations & calibrations directly from the Xbox without having to unplug & do this via the PC. Along with a shorter charging cable, from the hub to the headphones. For charging the device while rested on the stand giving better cable management. Also, a Hub extender, maybe in the form of a USB Wi-Fi Adapter. To allow connecting to Xbox & PC without having to unplug the hub from the Xbox. But it’s not a big deal, as like I say I chose this product for the sole intention of using it for the Xbox & this is the closest to native device on the market today for this purpose. I made the personal choice to purchase separately the new & improved cooling oval cushion pads. As I found (having big ears) the round ones pinch a little bit.

    Apologies for the long-winded reply, I just wanted to share the fullest explanation & experience I could. I really hope this helps you & others.

    Have a great day


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