Optimal Razer Blade 2016 Power Settings?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by soccastar001, Jun 7, 2016.

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  1. What do you guys use as your power settings on your new Razer Blade? I haven't messed with them out-of-the-box and it's been getting a lot louder and hotter than it should when playing some games while plugged in. When I've been playing a not even that graphically intensive game, Civ V, the thing sounds like a jet engine and gets uncomfortably hot. While unplugged I can play Civ V at the exact same graphics settings with no noticeable performance downgrade and it remains cool and almost completely silent. I've been trying to explore what I can change to match this behavior when plugged in or unplugged. My best guess was Passive vs. Active cooling under the CPU options but even set to passive cooling like is the default for playing on battery it still gets just as loud and hot while plugged in.

    Any ideas what else could be causing it to work so hard when plugged in? Also, is there an option for creating power profiles for individual applications like you can with graphics settings so when/if I do discover a solution to this I don't need to change back and forth just for this game?
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    The Nvidia GPU and your CPU will go to a higher-performance mode. Even though there might not seem like there is a performance difference, calculations will be performed at a higher rate (particularly the CPU in a game like Civ V which is simulating multiple different factions and what not)

    You could probably change the settings for Civ V in the Nvidia Control Panel.

    But yeah this is likely a Nvidia GPU thing. Mine gets hot even on battery if I turn it to use the Nvidia card exclusively.

    Owner of a 2015 Model

    You could also possibly test to see if you could use the integrated Intel graphics chip instead *shrug*
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