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Orbweaver Chroma Synapse 3 BETA.

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Lhosson, Dec 23, 2018.


Is anyone having issues with the Orbweaver Chroma combined with other Razer Hardware in Synapse 2?

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  1. Lhosson

    Lhosson New Member

    It's so frustrating that one of the highest quality items from the keypads Razer supplies is also one of the worst supported items.

    Why after so many years is the Orbweaver Chroma still not supported in Synapse 3 Beta? V3 is far better in Windows 10 and seems to works without so many glitches, so how come a top-end bit of hardware from Razer isn't even considered?

    Also, I notice the Orbweaver Chroma seems to behave very badly when Chroma effects are enabled for games, often crippling the entire setup I have (Blackwidow Chroma, Naga Hex 2 & Orbweaver Chroma). The Orbweaver also seems to have a completely different LED colour tone and brightness compared to the Blackwidow and Naga.

    It feels like Razer are losing their reputation for quality these days. It's removing the charm and steering me towards Corsair.
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