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Race to 100

Discussion in 'Fortnite Talk' started by ULockJustice, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. ULockJustice

    ULockJustice New Member

    I have a quartet that I play Fortnite with on the regular. When Season 3 dropped we decided to do a race to 100 bet. The first person to make it to 100 the other three had to buy them a nice gift (probably a bottle of liquor) the last player to 100 has to dress up in Fortnite Cosplay and film themselves doing a bunch of the emote dances and post it to their social media.

    I won by getting to 100 in exactly 30 days. 2nd place got to 100 last week. The final two players are taking their time, and myself and 1st place are now considering side bets on the last two.

    I'll be sure to post YouTube videos when the last member of my squad finally gets their punishment.

    Anyone else doing any dumb bets with their regular squads when new seasons drop?
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