Razer Blade 15" BIOS Update v1.05

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by Razer.RaptureHearts, Aug 11, 2018 at 12:29 PM.

  1. Razer.RaptureHearts

    Razer.RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl Staff Member

    Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know we have a new BIOS update v1.05 available for the Razer Blade 15". This update will have various bug fixes and performance enhancement including system touchpad support to work in Linux (Ubuntu) OS!

    To download the new BIOS update, click here!

    If you are experiencing any problems after downloading this BIOS update, feel free to comment below!
  2. gregwchase

    gregwchase New Member

    The touchpad has been fixed, but now the CUDA install isn't detected when running `nvidia-smi`. How I've installed CUDA & cuDNN in the past is below.

    Run the following command from Lambda Labs:
    LAMBDA_REPO=$(mktemp) && \
    wget -O${LAMBDA_REPO} https://lambdal.com/static/files/lambda-stack-repo.deb && \
    sudo dpkg -i ${LAMBDA_REPO} && rm -f ${LAMBDA_REPO} && \
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y lambda-stack-cuda

    Is there a current solution to get this working again?
  3. cockytrumpet

    cockytrumpet New Member

    When I try to update, the program runs then reboots. The BIOS setup screen and HWInfo64 both say I'm still on v1.03 after.

    Edit: I figured it out. I had to turn off the "Memory Integrity" setting in the windows defender settings.
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  4. geoZaffrepoint741

    geoZaffrepoint741 New Member

    Running as smooth as possible.
    Wanted to thank the razer support for listening to us, and solving the issue, which is obviously not the main concern since linux is not the primary OS (yet at least, wink wink).
    Thank you very much to all the devs for fixing that issue and thanks to the community for the fix that we used before this patch!
    ps considering how many post there were about the touchpad not working i think more people should express their gratitude.
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  5. shirogeek

    shirogeek New Member

    What can we expect from this bios aside from the linux touchpad fix ?
  6. gregwchase

    gregwchase New Member

    @cockytrumpet Solution to the CUDA/ cuDNN issues:

    In the BIOS settings, disable the Secure Boot and Fast Boot options. CUDA & cuDNN will then work on Ubuntu as expected.
  7. williams_why

    williams_why New Member

    I had the same problem when I update the bios. Here is what I did:

    go to bios settings, disable secure boot
    in Ubuntu, go to software & updates->additional drivers and switch the graphics driver to x.org and switch it back
    reinstall CUDA toolkit
    recompile OpenCV (I did this because I use OpenCV. Not sure if you need to recompile anything)
    restart the computer

    I use CUDA for OpenCV. Not sure if this also works for you and I don't know if anything I did is unnecessary. I just tried a bunch of things and it turns out good.
  8. labotsirc

    labotsirc Active Member

    The trackpad is working but the button only registers as left-click even if I press on the right side. Anyone having the same issue?
  9. diffsky

    diffsky New Member

    Is there a changelog of what’s in the bios updates? I’m currently on 1.03 and don’t know what to expect from installing or even if it’s necessary.

    Note I’m not on Linux, but this post is the only place I’ve seen mention of a 1.05 release - is there somewhere else the bios update information is more officially available even?
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