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Razer Blade 15 in Ubuntu: no wifi, no other driver

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by PEARLheadCeleste211, Jan 27, 2019.

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  1. PEARLheadCeleste211

    PEARLheadCeleste211 New Member

    Hi all,
    Is there any way to install the wifi on ubuntu for RB15? I received my RB15 recently and after I installed ubuntu, I don't see any wifi installed.
    It does not have the ethernet port either, so I can not connnect it via cable and add ppa.
    Nothing is installed except the keyboard...any help for installing the drivers is appreciated!
  2. stormmore

    stormmore New Member

    Hi PEARLheadCeleste,

    1. How old is the RB 15?
    2. What version of Ubuntu?
    3. What version of the Kernel, i.e. uname -a?
    4. Did the Ubuntu Live mode have any problems with wifi?

  3. PEARLheadCeleste211

    PEARLheadCeleste211 New Member

    Hi Graham,

    Thank you for the quick response!
    Here are the answers:
    1) I just received it a couple of days ago and is assembled on 8/2018.
    2) I had a 14.04 usb boot
    3) kernel:
    4) No, the live version also does not have a working wifi.
  4. after-life

    after-life New Member

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  5. Sing1eDog

    Sing1eDog New Member

    Hi PEARLheadCeleste,
    I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my RB15[2019]. Everything except NVIDIA GPU works smoothly for now.
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