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Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 (Benchmarks)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Yes 100%. I have an MSI GS63 and under load load load I get 89/90 on the CPU and 80/81 on the GPU... we are talking a 15.6 here, so your temps are great.

    If you are concerned about the CPU, just go to the "Balanced" power profile, and put the MAX CPU to 99% - that will drastically (trust me) reduce the clock and temps without affecting your gaming to much, then you can leave "High Performance" on 100% if you want the whole thing.

    DX12 in BF1 takes WAY more machine than DX11 ... so you will find either a performance hit or more usage. I have only been playing BF1 on different machines, so I can measure it pretty well.

    What FPSs are you getting in Conquest DX12/High? How are your dips (FPS falling down suddenly)?
  2. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Thats certainly a good change of tune compare to all the benches out of the box so far.

    Can you post your score after updating and unibstalling killer network manager/geforce experience etc? I am hoping a 9.5/6k
  3. Why the results are vary between same machines? Am i just the one with the bad luck..? Sigh... i love this laptop but i'm getting 9.1k after everything i could do. I want my geforce experience back. I used to broadcast with them. :) ..
  4. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    You do not have bad luck, your results are within range. Most people are getting 9100-9350 in Firestrike. As long as your games run smooth, you are good. I don't believe for a second anyone who says they are getting 9500 at stock settings.
  5. Chuggz

    Chuggz New Member

    EC update doesn't stick with my laptop. I also have had fan issues (always at least in mid speeds) and battery/charger problems (laptop randomly puts itself to sleep even while plugged into AC because 'battery', according to event viewer, charge % fluctuates after resume from 4 to 100%, randomly says 'battery not detected' even though unplugging the AC lets the laptop keep running, sometimes plugging in the AC does not detect the charger is connected). I'm within my 14 day return window to the Razer Store so I'm considering just doing an exchange instead of suffering an RMA, but if the next one is equally bad then I don't know what to do :/
  6. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Your EC version doesn't change? what do you mean it doesn't stick?

    Based on what you described, your machine is screwed up, regardless of the embedded controller or not... I would exchange it. Do not RMA, it will take forever.
  7. BladeEntity

    BladeEntity New Member

    So is the consensus, that the Blade should discharge during gaming?
  8. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    There are two questions to answer in order to determine whether this is good or no good:

    1) how does the battery drain, speed-wise, when playing the same game on different settings?
    2) What is the performance change in the laptop for those models which battery gets drained, good?

    If both answers are yes, then clearly the laptop is borrowing from the AC and battery in order to jeep up with the power demand. Otherwise it is not good.

    This was our original hypothesis many many weeks back (page 22-25) when thinking obln how would Razer fix the issue, since when increasing the feed, two new problems come up: 1. More heat 2. More power needed on a 165w AC small brick (as opossed to 180w from other manufacturers). Clearly thr laptop can suck more power, which is good, thermals seem to be ok as well... Adding a bigger brick now WILL work.. before it wouldnt since the laptop was capped... Now it will demand and take as much as it needs to.

    If you have tried another AC, and it did not work before the EC fix, try it again, now it should (provided that the laptop is not hardcoded to say "ok, after 160w, take from battery" .. as long as the AC can provide, the laptop will demand more from it)

    Provided you are happy with the gaming experience, which it seems to be better now, this is actually good... we could have an AC for home (stationary) and one on the go, smaller... trying to look at the bright side... an aftermarket 180w brick is not THAT expensive.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
  9. Chuggz

    Chuggz New Member

    Yeah, in BIOS the EC version is 2.0 still after repeatedly trying to apply the update.

    I called the store and they said they weren't sure if they'd have any in stock in time for me to exchange or not. Maybe Razer Support will just do a straight exchange but heck if I know. Maybe easier to just return to the store and wait for Amazon to start selling the QHD models.
  10. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    In my case in-game performance was not affected at all by this. Performance was solid all the time, playing BF1 in DX12 mode (campaign) and F1 2016. I saw 3% drain over 30 minutes. I agree that this is normal behavior for most laptops and it won't re-charge until it gets down to say 94% or something. In my case as soon as I stopped playing the game, it began re-charging at 97% battery. So this tells me based on my very limited time with this laptop, that the laptop does borrow power from the battery when plugged in and under load.

    It is only minimal drain though. For someone who only occasionally games on the Blade I would not worry at all about excessive battery wear.

    I am so curious to try another larger brick with this and see if there's any difference.
  11. BladeEntity

    BladeEntity New Member

    Based on this I assume that this wasn't the case on EC 2? As in on the previous firmware, the Blaze was not discharging even under load?
  12. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Not at all.. but the voltage was cut down hence the performance sucked... that is the whole reason why this thread kept going... sucky performance outta of a 1060... yet you are paying for it... it ended up being the processor apparently.. hell if I know.
  13. I should have asked this when I picked up 3dmark ...
    How am I supposed to run Firestrike on the QHD internal and 2560x1440x144 external monitors?
    Do I switch Intel graphics to 1920x1080x60 instead of native resolution for comparison numbers? Doing that has FS run in a smaller area with black border but maybe that was the right way?
  14. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    If you have the free fire strike it will run @ 1080p on the internal using the GTX 1060
  15. The benchmark runs at 1080 but, I guess the 530 scales it up? If I change the Intel settings away from native it looks different. Maybe nothing. There are two other possible differences I can think of but my Firestrike scores jumped up. I thought I was done benchmarking but will try to check into it later and report back.
  16. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Whats the battery life now on ec4?
  17. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One Staff Member

    Going to do some more EC4 testing tomorrow since I'm off. So far I'm totally satisfied.
  18. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    Sitting at car service center, turned laptop on at 3:15 and it is now 4:22. Power saver profile, battery saver on, brightness 50% and 3 Chrome tabs have been open the entire time. I'm at 65% battery remaining after about an hour. Not stellar I suppose. Doesn't really bother me. I'm on EC4.
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  19. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    I guess thats about what it was before which is around 3 hrs. I was wondering if battery life changed since someone mentioned fans were working harder now.
  20. Just installed the new nvidia driver, reports i read on reddit are seeing higher firestrike scores, i can also confirm

    Default everything -- 9700 firestrike
    Very happy! For contrast, old nvidia driver was 9500 after the EC fix.
    FYI new driver is version 376.09
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