Razer Blade 2017 expectations/wishlist

Discussion in 'Systems' started by AjwadSabano, Jul 9, 2016.

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  1. Sc0Rch3D

    Sc0Rch3D New Member

    I'm looking to purchase my first Blade, currently there are a few things I'm holding out for that aren't in the late 2016 model:
    1. 32GB RAM
    2. Kabylake
    3. Thinner bezel / larger screen area
    4. Longer battery life
    5. SD Card slot
    6. Choma decal on the back
    7. 4K Touch screen matte option
    The first one is a deal breaker, the second and third would be really nice to have (the XPS 15 screen looks gorgeous, you don't have to match it, but if it's possible to cut the current bezel by 1cm all the way around you would make a lot of people very happy!).

    Longer battery life (when not gaming), around 7 hours would be ideal, but given everything else you're packing in I could settle for less.

    The rest are nice to haves and I could live without them.
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  2. wesley27

    wesley27 Active Member

    A chroma decal on the back would be awesome.

    Before I'd suggest a 4k matte option, I'd simply like the Blade to have a 4k screen. The stealth and the pro have 4k screens, why do they put a QHD+ on the normal Blade? It looks great, but it'd be nice to be 4k.
  3. AwkwardBlue

    AwkwardBlue Member

    I actually expect higher than a 1070m. I expect a 1080m. Why? Because next year chances are NVIDIA will upgrade their graphics cards once again and since they put the most powerful graphics card in the razer blade pro, they'll probably do that with next years model will the razer blade gets either the 1080 or they get a graphics card that was similar to this years. The 3rd best graphics card currently (excluding the gtx Titan). But that's just what I think will happen.
  4. Dagoof

    Dagoof New Member

    I agree with Katana. I would love to see the addition of the low profile mechanical keyboard.
  5. headTomatodepot768

    headTomatodepot768 New Member

    1. 180- or 360- degree display hinge
    2. SD card slot
    3. Bring back old keyboard typeface!
    4. Better manufacturing fit and finish, at least with bottom panel edges
    5. Better viewing angles, orange-whites off angle.
    6. Larger display, same form factor, like Dell XPS 13. Thinner bezels
    7. Lower resolution touchscreen display option (for improved battery life) like 2560x1440
    8. OLED display
    9. Lower minimum brightness on display
    10. Pen input display (wishful thinking!)
    11. A more unique design. Maybe decrease the radiuses of the chassis corners for a more squared look; this could probably help a larger display fit as well.
    12. Remove plastic light up logo on back and replace it with a solid metal logo. It can still be green, just not plastic.

    That's all. I'd be happy with just better viewing angles on the display, though.
  6. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    2 USB-C ports or thunderbolt 3- I just wanna have my external drives to have that speed while not sacrificing the core's performance
  7. NeoN_P

    NeoN_P Member

    I dont care as long as it is affordable
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  8. pmai7

    pmai7 Member

    I agree with the original post's list but not at the cost of driving up the price way too high. The borderless display is def up there on mine.
  9. borderless display @ 120hz with gsync
    Love the glossy display but it looks hazy with a white background.
    Use of a single TB3 cable for power / data / displays. (I know it would charge the laptop slower)
  10. I'm almost completely sold on the razer blade, but I'm coming from a mac, and I would love to see a mac like trackpad where you can click all over, instead of just the bottom button, and maybe even an IPS display for the off axis viewing angles but the trackpad is more important.
  11. wesley27

    wesley27 Active Member

    I don't want them to remove the plastic Razer logo on the back, I think it looks great. However, it does kind of look like a sticker in the middle that light shines through. It'd be cool if the whole thing was a sort of transparent black, with the middle of the snakes (the black part) being aluminum like the rest of the top of the case. Then when on, the green light would just shine through where it's supposed to, outlining the snakes. That'd be sweet.
  12. SiNN94

    SiNN94 Active Member

    Would like to see a mechanical keyboard on it.
    Another thing is an additional touch panel which is like the one on the Razer keyboard.
  13. abhi2730

    abhi2730 Member

    Would like to see a non-touch matte display on the razer blade stealth as there would be no glare and it would improve battery life as well.
  14. LUBOT

    LUBOT New Member

    1. higher refresh rate screen (OLED)
    2. another usb type c thunderbolt 3 port - 40 gbps
    3. gtx laptop1070 if possible
    4. more battery if possible
    5. should weight around 4 pounds
    6. better speakers
    7. bigger and better mouse pad
    8. 1080p web cam if possible
    9. magnetic charger ( yup mag safe, lol)
    10. as far as bezels go, i get it, they are for better cooling. minimizing the footprint will lead to more heat and less battery life which we all dont want.

    thats it, glhf
  15. aab010799

    aab010799 Active Member

    Better speakers, much quieter fans, and better IO are the only things I can really think of. Already love my 1060 blade
  16. CalebOliveira

    CalebOliveira New Member

    I want everything we have right now with less bezel, a mag safe charger and the force touch massive apple style track pad. Basically last years mac book pro in black with a 1060. I dont think it really needs to be any thinner or lighter or more powerful; but a processor update would be nice, battery life dosnt really need to be much longer for me.
  17. I want Razer to have proper QC.
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  18. mpiva_no_id

    mpiva_no_id New Member

    I want a child of the razer and the razer pro.

    Specs as follow.
    4K 17.3" IPS bezeless. On a 15" laptop chasis with a nvidia 1060 and the new mech keyboard of the pro with a sub 2000 price tag
  19. Masterlancer

    Masterlancer Member

    They basically did everything above lol
  20. RazerReviews

    RazerReviews Member

    Razer just realesd a razer blade i don't think their going to make another blade this year.
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