Razer Blade Pro 2017 Battery Bulge

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by msintle, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes I saw poeple complaining about CS even here in EU, I just shared my experiences with Razer CS, though i agree and think it’s wise to see other users reviews like on Amazon etc. But you can also see this, even big company like Apple has a lot bad reviews. Yes nowaday we have also trust our self first before others, it’s also true;)
  2. LucasCostaBR

    LucasCostaBR New Member

    I'm also having problems with my razer blade 14 2016... there is a big trackpad battery bulge!! I will never buy any other razer computer ever again. I'm done!
  3. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    Since the touchpad lift was very slight, much less than @kaeizr , I took a while but finally removed the battery.....the swelling of the battery is slight but since the tendency is for it to get worse, might as well save the machine from any future permament damage. Touchpad is now nice and flat. New battery on the way.
  4. Jakooth

    Jakooth New Member

    Can anyone give info on where to buy spare batteries for Blade 2016 (GTX 2016)? To be hones I prefer a new one, as long as it is compatible VS. genuine but used.

    At first I was OK paying Razer to repair my laptop, but I contacted them several times for support and for 2 weeks I do not have an answer yet on where to send my laptop and what will be the cost. Meanwhile the bulging under my track-pad is growing.

    My warranty was over at the end of last year, but event that I waited before opening the case and removing the battery. Now that I see the photos from others, I do not think I cannot wait any longer to suffer more damage.
  5. vistar

    vistar Active Member

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  6. Jakooth

    Jakooth New Member

    Many thanks,

    I removed the battery today - it was super simple to do.
    I also found the bottom of my laptop was bend close to a point, where it can start to swing on its base.
    I'm surprised that all the screws were in place, considering how tiny they are.

    I also found Razer forgot to place 2 of the screw holding the battery on the left side, which was causing even more pressure on the body with nothing to hold it in place.

    Good to know from you guys, that I can run the system on AC power alone - looks to work like a regular desktop PC without a problem (fingers crossed).
    I was in a critical dead line in my work and I was so stressed, that I can end up without my machine.

    Now I hope everything is OK and I will just need to mount the new battery, when it arrives. I'm even planning to order additional one, and start replacing it every year or so.

    By the way the connector for the battery was different than the one for previous 2013-2015 models and all the YouTube videos are old.

    I hope I did it right, but there was a big rubber thingy on top of the battery connector and I just had to pull it up gently. Other than this, there was the tiny white cable around the battery which is released with a small clip mechanism and the 7 screws (5 in my case).

    I'm planning to put a video together to show how it works for the 2016 model.
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  7. secretheadFallow102

    secretheadFallow102 New Member

    I've got a 17-month-old Stealth with the bulging battery. I pulled it out and put it in a (fireproof) container outside the house, and submitted a ticket. <The usual long frustrating email support experience.> Called them yesterday, and they claim since it's out of warranty I'll have to pay them for a new battery plus installation (they won't just sell me a new battery).

    When I mentioned the fire hazard the tech initially said the battery would just bulge. When I mentioned fire hazard again he said this was a Lithium battery and wouldn't catch fire (yes, really!) When I mentioned all the Lithium batteries that are prone to catching fire he said they'd accept the laptop back without a battery(*) but I still had to pay for the repair. When I mentioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission and their submission form for Unsafe Products at https://www.saferproducts.gov/CPSRMSPublic/Incidents/ReportIncident.aspx and how either they could fix it to my satisfaction (free) or they could deal with the CPSC he said he would have to escalate this and someone would get back to me within 24-48 hours.

    Here's hoping.

    I gotta say, Razer is really missing out on a customer service and PR opportunity here. Studies have shown that people are _happier_ if they had a problem that was quickly resolved to their complete satisfaction than if they never had a problem in the first place. And they tell everyone who will listen how LL Bean, or Dell, or Apple, or Delta Airlines, or whoever, is a great company and they'll never buy from any other. [Note for instance that I'll personally never give HP another dime of my money, and I recommend against them at every opportunity.]

    We have a Razer Blade that's been an iterative nightmare since the hard drive quit, and a Stealth with two Core docking stations. I'm ready to throw them all in the ocean and replace them with three new gaming machines from a reputable vendor.

    It _astounds_ me that discovering a potential SAFETY hazard doesn't cause TPTB at Razer to jump all over the issue, offer extended warranties for battery issues, and do everything that can to mitigate the damage to their reputation. Everyone remember the airline announcements that you couldn't even board the plane with a Samsung Galaxy 7 phone? Are they just not paying attention?

    (*) I'm out of the country presently, and the only way to get the battery back to the US would be to bring it back on a plane with me (_THAT_ unsafe battery isn't flying on any plane I'm on!) or ship it back via Fedex or UPS at exorbitant expense, (and I'm not putting some cargo aircrew at risk even if they don't put it in the hold of some passenger airplane). I've sent them pictures of the bulging battery (and don't get me started on how you have to specifically ask the phone support folks to OPEN THE EMAIL AND LOOK AT THE PICTURES in order for them to see them).

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  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    There’s stealth battery in Ebay v1 under $100, and 2016 V2 around €120, shipped from China, if CS says you have to pay the repair, battery etc, I think it’s cheaper to installing it by your self, meanwhile like Blade 14 I think it could be used without the battery, though stealth without battery like car without tires for me. Keep the updates what the CS said, i personally would like to know.
  9. mickey.glocks

    mickey.glocks New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Throwing my hat in the ring as another customer with a swollen battery. Mine is a Razer Blade 14" (early 2016). I contacted support but am clearly out of warranty and cannot justify spending $200-$300 to send my laptop to Razer. Will probably buy a replacement on eBay and hire someone to remove the old one and install the new one.
  10. secretheadFallow102

    secretheadFallow102 New Member

    Not going to swap one safety hazard for another by buying a battery on eBay, then if it catches fire(*) no-one is on the hook for burning my house down.

    (*) It's entirely likely that it's poorly designed charging circuitry that is causing the battery failures, so a new battery, even from a reputable vendor, would have the same problem after a year...
  11. secretheadFallow102

    secretheadFallow102 New Member

    Be aware there's a piece of double-sided black tape holding the middle of the battery down, and it takes some finesse to get the battery out safely.
  12. Jakooth

    Jakooth New Member

    Is this just for the early 2016, because on my late 2016 model there wasn't a black tape attached to the battery, however I have seen this for some of the old models?
  13. secretheadFallow102

    secretheadFallow102 New Member

    We bought ours the end of Sept 2016. Doesn't mean there wasn't an ECO somewhere along the line, or the assembly folks left out a part, or something else...
  14. secretheadFallow102

    secretheadFallow102 New Member

    Once again they offered to replace it at my cost, as it's out of warranty. I pushed back on them to confirm that they are not at all concerned about the fallout from this debacle, I'll let you all know what I hear back.
  15. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    How much will they charge btw for battery replacement and other extra work for this bulging issue?
  16. demanrisu

    demanrisu New Member

    I've recently noticed this issue happening with my Blade (Late 2016, touchscreen). Super disappointing, especially since I've only owned it for 13 months. Pretty convenient that the issue pops up almost exactly as the warranty expires, huh?

    I've contacted support, and am waiting on a response, but I'm not happy about the idea of having to pay hundreds of dollars to repair a $3100 AUD piece of hardware that I bought literally a year ago, and which also serves as my sole workstation. Razer needs to step up and follow through on their repeated promises to do better on customer support.

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  17. Preystation

    Preystation Active Member

    With these kinds of flaw razer blade pro has. How much do you guys think it’s worth at this point? 7820hk with gtx 1080 4k igzo + 512 gb ssd. I want a gaming laptop but dont want the spaceship social suicide design alienware or even rog has. Maybe ill reacquire this used one from ebay. Maybe 1500$? What do you guys think.

    The reason im asking is: there’s one guy who wants to sell his rbp with these specs at 2000$. Do you guys think it’s an acceptable price point considering it may have these issues like battery bulging? Shutdown at heavy use? Dead pixels?
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  18. Preystation

    Preystation Active Member

  19. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    1500, get it!! Even without guarantee, and those issue, the screen CPU and GPU it self i think already costs at least 1k. At 2K point idk though, those shutdown on high performance things you can figure it by undervolting and tweaking.
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  20. kaeizr

    kaeizr New Member

    Hi so sorry I completely forgot to update you guys after getting back my Blade from Razer.
    So here's the list of events that happened:

    - I emailed them, mentioned that my Blade was 13 months since purchase date and the bulging actually started prior to its 1-year birthday (I sent a support ticket regarding my trackpad buttons sinking months ago to ask about the cost of repair, did not realise it's not the buttons that sank but rather the touchpad raised). And without much hassle (probably less than 2 exchanges) the CS escalated the issue I was sent an RMA.

    - Was given a choice to either send my Blade by post (crazy) or bring it in to the office. I was lucky because I reside in SG so I dropped by their office with the RMA number + Blade.

    - I asked the guy whom attended to me if this was a common occurrence. He said yes.

    - I (wasn't sure if I should have but still did anyway) asked how much was the repair. He took a glance at the RMA and was bewildered that the email correspondent stated my Blade was clearly out of warranty from the serial number but he still marked it as in-warranty. He will do another check and see what he can do (to waive off the replacement battery cost), but I might still have to pay a diagnostic fee of S$75.

    - I know I should've made some noise cos I wasn't ready to pay for shit cos it seems like a whole case of planned obsolescence to me from what I read on this thread and from earlier he clearly said it was common occurrence, but I still relented cos S$75 was still rather cheap if it's an official and new battery.

    - I was prepared to really complain big-time if I'm charged for the cost of the new battery.

    - 1.5 week passed and they notified me for collection. They did not charge me a single cent and provided me 3 months warranty for the new battery from date of collection.

    [edit] - Forgot to include they replaced the trackpad for me, as well as the keyboard, because the keyboard is connected to the trackpad so if one of them needs to be replaced they both have to be. They also removed the dust particles that got into my speaker grills which I'm thankful for. It's looking like it snowed inside there.
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