Razer Blade Pro -4k (1080) getting a little too hot!

Discussion in 'Systems' started by DylanPavel, Oct 9, 2018.


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  1. DylanPavel

    DylanPavel New Member

    So I just bought what I think is razers top of the line most expensive computer...
    As I play games (pubg, fortine etc.) above the key board starts to get really hot! I all most burned my self!
    help! I want to know. Is this normal? (Also my chroma lighting on the key board for the laptop is flashing white and the preset color really fast. Help!)

    I'm using Speccy to track my temp.

    - running safari: CPU 58-67 degrease celsius (kind warm)
    - fortnite: CPU 70-87degrease Celsius ( really hot and makes keyboard flash even faster it seems like )[high settings]
    -pubg: CPU same thing put a little higher
    I you need anything else im active so just ask
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    On Blade Pro it’s normal that the cassis becomes hot on max gpu load, it’s full gtx1080 inside that slim cassis. Did you also try cpu undervolting, it reduce slightly cpu temperature and fan noise, i saw even users is reporting hot cassis on Blade 15 with 1070 maxq, it’s maybe trade off having aluminum cassis but it take heat from part inside faster than plastic cassis. About keyboard lightning, maybe synapse bug? Try contact support regarding that.
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  3. DylanPavel

    DylanPavel New Member

    thanks you
  4. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Thats not to bad these days. I wrote this up for the Blade 15, but most of it should help you too :)

    There are 4 things you can do to improve cooling on the Blade:
    1. Undervolting (I recomment Throttlestop as you may need it below) - my cpu core and cache are at -140
    2. Dont use gaming mode - this keeps the cpu at 25w but has very little affect on frame rate
    3. Be aware air needs to come from underneath - so dont cover up the bottom/consider lifting the back a little
    4. Change the Turbo Ratio limits with throttlestop (I use 38,37,36,36,35,34 for 1->6 respectively)
    WIth this, I bearly hit 70c with an eGPU and the highest I've seen is the occasional 90c with some serious games

    Throttlestop stuff:
    • Ok, this looks scary, but hit the button that says FIVR
    • Click CPU Core - tick Unlock adjustable voltage -- > Set offset voltage to -50 (Test and increase in small units)
    • Click CPU Cache - tick Unlock adjustable voltage -- > Set offset voltage to the same as above
    • Look Left at Turbo Ratio Limits (this made a huge difference for me with max temp)
      • try the numbers in 4 above
    • Do this BEFORE changing anything, then again when you are happy with the above.
    • There are two main things to check:
      • The MAX temp your CPU hits
      • How often it hits it (this one is more important - even if max temp goes from just 95 -> 94 max, if it's only there every so often, that is a massive improvement)
    How to Benchmark:
    • Get a spreadsheet that does "conditional formatting" eg excel
    • download HWinfo
    • Run HWinfo --> Sensors only
    • hit the green plus at the bottom to log to a file
    • Play a game that taxes both CPU and GPU -
      • Ubisoft titles are good for this (assassins creed, Far Cry, Ghost Recon) and Subnautica
      • Fortnite and Destiny 2 are bad for this as they dont use much CPU (mostly GPU)
    • play for around 10 mins
    • stop HWinfo recording
    • Open the .csv file in a spreadsheet
    • Look for the Core temp (around column AK) and Thermal throttle
    • Use conditional formatting on these 12 columns
      • Set it to go red > 95 for temp
      • Set it for Red on Yes for thermal throttle
    • Look down the spreadsheet at just how much red there is
    • This should give you a good idea if it's a real problem
    Obviously there are a million other ways to do this, and/or present the data, but this will give you a really simple way to cool the laptop and see if it really is that much of an issue.

    All laptops are hot
    I went through 6 other laptops before the blade, and ALL of them needed undervolting - with most of them still being in the high 90s with undervolting!!!!

    The Blade has been the best so far (though I thing resticting the power, undervolting and turbo modes make the most difference)
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