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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Razer.WolfPack, May 24, 2017.

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  1. German_Hawkeye

    German_Hawkeye New Member

    Thats eerie i use a custom chroma configuration also, and it works flawlessly. I have other very minor problems, like the macro or gaming LED not working if use the shortcut keys, but the functionality does. The LED only works when switched in Synapse. And the other is that when no Synapse is running no LED lights up, so i have to Login with a complete black Keyboard!
  2. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    where can i get that DESK tho ......
  3. Enigmafoil

    Enigmafoil New Member

    Does the HDK sync up with Overwatch and other Synapse 2.0 peripherals?
  4. The ult effects arn't working for me sadly anybody know of a fix? (ex Genji using his ult and blue goes across the keyboard.)
  5. bucketofbrain

    bucketofbrain New Member

    Loved the integration, even more with Hue now!

    I have Synapse synced with Hue, however, I find the brightness of the lights (light strip and color bulb) during mercy heal/boost to be kinda dim. Is it suppose to do that?
  6. jamtea

    jamtea New Member

    What actually did happen to the ult effects? It used to do it on my keyboard, but now there isn't an effect at 100% ult. Did Blizzard change it?
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  7. Killoway502

    Killoway502 New Member

    I do really like the way Chroma has partnered with games like Overwatch. Its really facinating playing mercy and healing someone which activates a slow yellow wave on my Blackwidow X chroma. I would love to see Razer make a software that on anygame, you can customise your RGB lights to a situation live in a game, like when you get hit by an enemy your keyboard and lights flash red or if you're eaten by the storm in fortnite your lights turn purple. I do know there is a Dev portal that allows you to do this but you need to be someone like Gaben or Larry Probst and there are more gamers in the world than devs. Chroma more needs gamer freedom.
  8. Killoway502

    Killoway502 New Member

    Yeah I agree. The Overwatch chroma is more for keyboards. its not much for mice and mousemat.
  9. Killoway502

    Killoway502 New Member

    I recomend researching before you buy. Becuase now you are stuck with that keyboard until its broke. I made the same mistake too. I once got the Razer abysuss v2 and although it LITERELY says the colour modes, I was really disapointed finding out it only glows green, Sky blue & sea blue.
  10. Killoway502

    Killoway502 New Member

    More then likely. Im suprised you noticed It wasnt activating. Usualy when I play Overwatch, I keep my eyes on the screen lol.
  11. Killoway502

    Killoway502 New Member

    Well I guess time flies when your having fun ama-right?
  12. Killoway502

    Killoway502 New Member

    Are you sure its turned on in synapse?

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  13. Killoway502

    Killoway502 New Member

    I can actauly imagine destiny chroma. I think that would increase a lot of reputation to Razer. Destiny is a very popular game and I would definetly like to see this.
  14. PandaBucket

    PandaBucket New Member

    They should make something cooler with the overwatch team.
  15. Enigmafoil

    Enigmafoil New Member

    Does it work now? Give it a shot
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