Razer Core - $399 for Blade users/$499 standalone

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Min-Liang Tan, Mar 16, 2016.

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  1. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    The funny thing is he says at the end the problem is NOT with the laptop but with the connection. Just a small error in the video that not everyone picked up on. Yet as you said it is with how the TB3 is allocated once connected into the motherboard. The Core splits its connection between the GPU, the NIC, and the USB controller. It is actually splitting the speed between the IO on the Core itself... as well as what needs to be split in the motherboard of the Blade.
  2. Lauski

    Lauski New Member

    Other thing I've wondered also: will the directly integrated TB3 in future Intel processors help minimize this intrinsic 15-20% loss of the Razer Core somewhat? -- https://www.windowscentral.com/intel-drops-thunderbolt-3-royalty

    And the other silver-lining I'll provide is this: http://www.ultrabookreview.com/10761-razer-core-review/
    -- I think his article has been linked in here before, but look at how much rosier his picture of the core is, since his laptop has the GTX970. The core+anything might not be a clear winner over the GTX1060 Blade right now, but Volta is coming early from Nvidia at the end of this year, and imagine how the core's value will improve over the typical years we keep a laptop.
  3. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    No, it won't. They just moved the thunderbolt controller directly on the CPU package (like the memory controller), instead of having an extra chip on the board. That means, in the future every Intel CPU automatically offers thunderbolt support. It might help to avoid situations where the controller has to share it's PCI-E lanes with the rest of the chipset, like LTT found out in case of the Razer Blade.
  4. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    If it has less lanes or no lanes to share then actually yes it would minimize the overhead loss you are getting with the current setup. You may still get loss sharing the other IO on the core, but the loss may drop from 15-20% to say 7-10% loss.
  5. Lauski

    Lauski New Member

    Right, this is where I was going with it. (hoping).
  6. ikermit79

    ikermit79 New Member

    I'm from Australia and The Core is not available to us. When will it be, and will we be able to get a discount for owning a RBS?
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  7. Is there any such deals for european customers ?
  8. EverFrost_TV

    EverFrost_TV New Member

    Please give us a Gunmetal Razer Core.
  9. eJonny

    eJonny New Member

    Razer should update the USB-C controller to a current model (TI83 versus the TI82 that Razer currently uses) and fix the USB performance issues before changing the exterior cosmetics of the device.

    You should check out the thread "Does anyones Cores USB port actually work?" BEFORE you think about buying a core.
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  10. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    Can someone explain exactly what the Razer Core does? I have the Blade '17. Not the most computer savvy.
  11. Wever75

    Wever75 Member

    Ahahhahah quite the old thread. Search it on google for more specs and info but it's a graphics amplifier. Allows you to put a desktop GPU (graphics card) inside of it and hook it up to your laptop for desktop like performance.
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  12. smittyINC

    smittyINC New Member

    It's an external GPU, which means it'll utilize the laptop for everything, but use the graphics card installed in the Core. They tend to be big and burly, so instead of installing one in a laptop, Razer Cores let your laptop connect to it externally. I want one so bad, lol.
  13. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    Think it would be worth it for use in design software (i.e. solidworks, autocad)?
  14. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    If you have the Blade Pro 17" with the GTX1080 you have no need for a core. Anything you place in there will perform below the GTX1080 that is already in your Blade pro.
  15. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    I've got the Blade 14 with the GTX 1060. Is there that much difference between the 1080 and 1060?
  16. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    There's a decent difference.
    Synthetic benchmark
  17. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Do you feel your machines GPU too slow for your AutoCAD work? If yes the Core is made for Blade Stealth and 14 (up 2016 Model) users that want to upgrade the graphics power. I don’t use AutoCAD but gaming on it a lot, and latest FHD (1080p) games run with respectable FPS for me so for now my Blade 14 2017 doesn’t need it. BTW even you need the core I think atm you couldn’t buy it anywhere (saw Today on US stores Site, refurbished is also out of stock) only used one on eBay etc.
  18. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    I need a second Core. Where can I buy one? The Razer site appears to redirect to a refurbished model which is out of stock.

    I don't care how much it costs, I don't want a deal, I don't want a refurb (but will take one if necessary) I just want to buy a Core. I don't even need the newest model. Another one the same as what I purchased in early 2016 would be perfect ;)

    Best Buy and Amazon also show no stocks. :slightly_sad:

    Can you say when they will be in stock again? Can I get one on BO?
  19. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    I shoulda got one when I had the chance. dang it
  20. statton4

    statton4 Member

    lol i was very upset and gonna sell mine earlier today,but i got my xps 13 to work with the core.
    i have to send in my stealth because the battery is swollen and i refuse to continue to use it like that.
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