Razer Goliathus Control VS. Speed Edition (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by wiking1995, Apr 3, 2016.


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  1. wiking19950309

    wiking19950309 Active Member

    Hi guys!
    I'm using Razer Goliathus Control Mouse Mat for a year and I was wondering what's the difference between the control and the speed edition. Is there anyone who uses speed edition and tried the control too? What's the difference? I know the basics, but as I see most of the gamers use control edition. Why? Is it more comfortable or something? And the last question: which one is the more durable?

    Thx the answers
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    You could read up on the following links and see if it helps answer any of your questions:

    This first one has the stats for control, but there's a link that you can click right on the page that will switch to the speed stats so you can compare them.
    Razer Goliathus Control Edition Stats page

    This second link is here on Insider where @Razer|Technokat gave information on Razer surfaces and linked a couple videos for comparisons and information.
    Revisiting the Science of Surfaces
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  3. wiking19950309

    wiking19950309 Active Member

    Thank you the infos :)
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