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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Verthaa, Dec 18, 2014.

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  1. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Insider App. Plox?
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  2. mstrouthos

    mstrouthos New Member

    Was thinking about the same thing yesterday. I spend most of my forum time on mobile and it's hard to see the alerts and conversations...

    (Anyone know what the forum platform is based on? I have seen another forum using the same template as this)
  3. tentaro

    tentaro New Member

    Yea like the sound of this... not always sitting at my PC :)
  4. Khetix

    Khetix Active Member

    TechoCat replied in a thread from a while back that they were going to be looking into making once once Insider had it's legs under it.

    I would love it, though it does load and run smoothly via Chrome on my iPhone. :)
  5. tentaro

    tentaro New Member

    yea not bad on Chrome on my tablet either but to have a an app built for it would be ideal :)
  6. Ginoske

    Ginoske New Member

    Yea, I agree. It would definitely be convinient.
  7. KenLeeJL

    KenLeeJL New Member

  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    This is a subject that has come up numerous times in the last couple of months and the staff had said they were considering it. We'll have to wait and see if it happens, but this is something that would make me quite happy. :)
  9. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    Haha, I haven't really paid enough attention to Razer|Insider for a while. Sorry, didn't know.
  10. syedmufrad

    syedmufrad New Member

    Would love to see water intake option in the app.
  11. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    Are you talking about a Nabu app?
  12. syedmufrad

    syedmufrad New Member

    Yes the nabu App
  13. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    @syedmufrad I think that logging water intake and exercise definitely go hand in hand. So do dehydration and exercise, sadly. I recommend you throw that idea in the Nabu section of the forums as I doubt it will be seen here. Very good idea.
  14. DChris26

    DChris26 New Member

    This is a great idea, as I keep getting errors when trying to do simple things like add an avatar on the mobile site from my phone
  15. icharico

    icharico Member

    So good idea...

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    I'd totally go for that! You would also get notifications on your Nabu!
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