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Razer Leviathan auto power off [FIRMWARE FIX]

Discussion in 'Audio' started by FunkyTechMonkey, Mar 22, 2017.

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  1. Aquaawesomecove486

    Aquaawesomecove486 New Member

    Hey guys, I just purchased the Razer Leviathan and had the same issues everyone else was having with "auto off". The only fix I found was creating a scheduled task to play a sound right before it turns off. To me, this was NOT the answer, so I contacted Razer Support and worked with them to get an official firmware update that disables the auto-off feature. I have tested this update and can confirm it disabled the auto-off. I uploaded the firmware updater to my github with instructions on how to run the update.

    Basically, All you need is a fat32 thumb drive with the updater on it. Here are the steps to updating the firmware on the Leviathan.

    Download the beethoven11_v1.0.0.0.mdu file from here.

    1 - Format a USB drive to fat32. (only tested with FAT32)
    2 - Put the "beethoven11_v1.0.0.0.mdu" file on the USB.
    3 - Unplug all connections from the back of the Leviathan.
    4 - Pull cap off "Service Port" on back of the Leviathan.
    5 - Plug USB Drive into the "Service Port".
    6 - Plug in POWER ONLY
    7 - The Source lights will cycle (lights to the LEFT of the power button)
    8 - When the update is complete all Equalizer lights to the RIGHT of the power button will be lit
    9 - The update is now complete, remove the power cable from the Sound Bar
    10 - Remove the USB drive.
    11 - Hook everything back up as normal and enjoy your speakers STAYING ON!!!!!
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