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Razer Mamba Bluetooth Edition

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by ruff7, May 24, 2015.

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  1. ruff7

    ruff7 New Member

    I really love the deathadder and mamba mice. I really wish that Razer could make a bluetooth version of it so that the blade users can connect it to their laptops. I have the orochi as well but find it too small to play games on the go with.
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  2. February_

    February_ Member

    If your problem is a lack of usb ports, just get a usb 3.0 hub for ca 15$
  3. Smokiestprune64

    Smokiestprune64 Active Member

    They made the orochi so smal its for gaming on the go. Also the mamba's way of being a wireless mouse is better then bluetooth. With bluetooth you'll always have a larger input lag. I don't think they'll make those bluetooth compatible.
  4. ruff7

    ruff7 New Member

    I guess you dont get the point of being mobile.. If I would like to carry a usb hub then I might as well carry the docking for the mamba as well.. The reason why I said a bluetooth edition would be great is when you're in a plane or a cafe, its much easier juz to take your mouse out and start playing rather than connecting all your gadgets. and It would be great to have more variety compared to limiting to only orochi.
  5. February_

    February_ Member

    I guess you're right, but still, you must understand my confusion, since the mobility problem is mentioned nowhere in this thread.
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