Razer naga X not connecting

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by vokunwolf, Jun 21, 2022.

  1. vokunwolf

    vokunwolf New Member

    I just got this mouse I also have synapses 3 and also tried all fixes I could find online such as uninstalling software and reinstall and even unplugging all razer devices and clearing all drivers for razer but yet it still wont register any other ideas for what I can try??
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Not connecting - you mean it doesn't work at all? Or not appearing in synapse?
    Did you've tried other PC?
  3. vokunwolf

    vokunwolf New Member

    I tried another computer although it doesn't have synapse on it but when I plug in the mouse I cant even move my cursor but as I have never had a problem like this I don't even know what steps to take to return it
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