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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by DrQuackeroo, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. Thanks all for the info! I'm going to try to get to a Verizon store tonight. The sim that I am using IS one that had NFC on it, I made sure of it when I was there yesterday :slightly_sad: but maybe there is just something wrong with that sim. It works flawlessly in my Nexus 6 however. Will keep you updated! Everyone I've encountered so far has never even HEARD of the phone. They think I'm trying to activate a flip phone lol. I'm borrow your wording as far as "Razer phone by Razer" in my future convos
  2. SkaiCloud

    SkaiCloud New Member

    Let's blame that on Razer, out of all the names they come up with a model named "Razer Phone" wtf guys lol.
  3. XZoom13

    XZoom13 New Member

    They should have added a model name. Razer Blade mobile? Lol
  4. SkaiCloud

    SkaiCloud New Member

    Ok boys, I'm back and unfortunately I'm without a phone for awhile. Here's the deal, If you DO NOT have an NFC sim card you will need to bring your qualified Verizon phone to the store and have them activate the sim with the phone because they will not give you a sim card just because you ask for one and YOU CANNOT ACTIVATE THE NFC SIM CARD WITH THE RAZER PHONE. So do yourself a favor and activate a NFC sim card on your qualified Verizon phone first.

    When you get home remove the SIM from your qualified Verizon phone and insert it into your Razer Phone and start a chat with an agent and have them create a ticket for Tier 2 to activate your Razer phone with the NFC sim.

    I basically trade my old sim for a NFC sim and now I have to start the process all over again so I'm saving you guys valuable time.
  5. Once again guys thanks for the insight and recommendations. Here is my story for the day. I went into my local Verizon store and was helped by someone who was actually enthusiastic and seemed fairly knowledgeable, but after messing with the phone and the sim he said that without band 13 I would never be able to make phonecalls, but Verizon messages app should work. Except it doesn't which was a source of confusion. After leaving I popped the sim back into the Razer from my Verizon phone as recommended. I had full LTE coverage for data! So I opened a chat with Verizon to see if they could activate the phone, they said they would add to the database and activate. This disconnected the Razer completely, and As of now I get an alternating status of "no service" and "LTE/your device cannot be activated" the rep said this was normal and once the phone is fully added it will activate fingers crossed. Did anyone else experience this?
    Keep up the fight guys!
  6. SkaiCloud

    SkaiCloud New Member

    @YellowRosevoicehead945 Yea you would have to go into cellular network setting "Preferred network type" to LTE/CDMA. This is the only setting that work for me, any other setting will kick you out of the network withen a period of time. Each time you change the setting you need to turn on Airplane mode ON then Off again to reset the network. For me I don't mind not being able to use phone calls because there are plenty of VOIP apps you can use.

    I'm on the Unlimited plan so I don't need to worry about my data usage, but I need Text messaging because apps I use utilize text message to authenticate me as a user.

    Here is the big con though, I live in a good LTE coverage and the max bandwidth I could ever get was 3 Down / 0.2 Up. This was a terrible speed, I left my IPhone 3G way back when 4G was new. This is a big step down and it got me thinking if this is something I want to deal with. Hopefully yours is alot better, Verizon needs to turn on those 5G network soon.
  7. Wow alright then I'll note that. But you were able to make and receive calls right? And do texts once everything switched on? If it reconnects I'll try checking the speed to see what it looks like.
  8. XZoom13

    XZoom13 New Member

    I did have another hiccup today. Lasted for two hours. I reached out to Verizon via chat and although we went through some troubleshooting they turned out to be a "can't" rep. Well, being that today I am hard up on time, I threatened that I would go to AT&T and closed out the chat. Within five minutes of that I received 3 text messages with links that pushed me to pages with xml code. I backed out of the message + app and tested my phone. Everything is back up and running again. Sitting in my vehicle typing this before I drive home. It is definitely a programming problem that they can fix. If the phone was not compatible it would not even work for one day. Today was one week exactly from the last down time and the previous time I was running well over three weeks before a malfunction.

    Anyway. Keep fighting, don't give up. It is possible or it would not be working at all.
  9. Very interesting... fixed via SMS huh?
    I grow weary of this fight brothers...
    My phone never reconnected that night or the following morning so I went to Verizon store and got another NFC sim, the activated it in my Verizon authorized Nexus 6, then about 20-30 mins later I threw it in the Razer. I get the same connect disconnect repeat action with no phone call or SMS capability. :slightly_sad: I'm going to give it one last shot with threats of switching carrier to see what happens....
  10. XZoom13

    XZoom13 New Member

    I have been good since I last posted. I don't want to give up the fight as the other carriers suck indoors at work. I have no choice but to keep fighting. I am not wasting money to go into another mainstream phone that is sub par compared to the Razer. I used my buddies Pixel 2 XL for the day and I laughed at him when I handed it back. My wife has the iPhone X. Can't stand it and I know what to expect from Samsung Galaxy as I have been with them since the note 3 to the edge 7. The battery sucks. None lasted an 8 hour work day without needing a charge and constant lagging when you over use it with a game. I am staying in the fight. This phone has ruined me for all others. Lol. I truly think it is a programming issue on the Verizon end. There s no way it functions for days, multiple weeks at a clip and the phone is not compatible. They can make it work. If it was not compatible, it would not work not even for one full day.
  11. From what you've told me I agree, and I won't get a different phone and low key I'm not switching carriers. If they can't get it to work I'll have to send back the Razer and wait for Razer to wise up. I'm ready to Chuck 700 bucks their way and I'll have to keep it in my pocket cause they didn't put a band 13 antenna in the phone?
    Razer should take note: Verizon is famous for a great many things, being the cheap route is NOT one of them. People who are willing to pay more for what they believe is a superior good/service WILL buy your phone!! Handle it!!!
    *End rant*
    Thank you :) I'll keep y'all posted.
  12. XZoom13

    XZoom13 New Member

    All that really needs to be done is on the Verizon end. If they just add this phone to their network database, it will work as is with just LTE. From what Verizon says.... By the end of 2018, they will move to what is considered or being called 5G. That is LTE only. Previous phones will continue to function but they will not add CDMA phones let's say from new customers (port in's). If the tech explained it to me correctly. The reason it is difficult to add our phones is because of CDMA (band 13). Our phones (Razer) are made to work on LTE regardless of network band. Our issue is with band 13 CDMA version and lack of programming on Verizon's end. Like I said before. There is no way it works for a bit and then it does not if it's not compatible. If it's not compatible then it should not work at all or continuously cut in and out everyday.
  13. Seems true enough even the Verizon tech who helped me last reviewed all of the bands that the phone has and said he said that it really should be able to work, but I'm not planning on switching carriers, and I don't want to just sit on the phone until Verizon (or Razer) decides to cooperate. Maybe it is just all Verizon being douchey. We'll still thank you for the continued updates. I'll renew the fight! For a little while longer anyway.

    I'm having a thought here, if I can't get Verizon to play nice with talk and text, but I can still get data, would Google voice work? Anyone have any experience with this? Do I have to change my number? I understand the basics of Google voice but would like to hear from someone if they've implemented it or have some experience. Thanks again as always!
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  14. NCboy94

    NCboy94 New Member

    im still having problems with Verizon iv been chatting but keep saying the phone isnt compatible.and keep saying to buy a new Verizon phone they will work. but still pushing! same as before no calls no text but great data. and random signal lost like they are trying to kick it off the network because you dont go from 4 bars to nothing.
  15. XZoom13

    XZoom13 New Member

    How has everyone been? I've been good since Friday. Let's see how it goes tomorrow. Wish you guys were close to meet up and I can use the chat for you.
  16. SkaiCloud

    SkaiCloud New Member

    Hey, mines back up and running now full functionality. I'm scared to adjust any settings because it might kick me off the network lol. Hopefully it stay put for awhile.
  17. -EGC-Ripley

    -EGC-Ripley New Member

    I really want this phone! is it fully support by Razer and Verizon to work now?

    from the last few comments that is the impression I am getting...

  18. SkaiCloud

    SkaiCloud New Member

    Nick read the thread. You have to go through back channel buddy. All I can tell you it shouldn't be this hard but some of us manage to get it working with Verizon. I included, good luck and jump back on this thread if you have issue.

    My goal is, the more I help people get this working on Verizon at some point Verizon will have to look at this issue at a higher level and support it 100%
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  19. NotZSchwarttzy

    NotZSchwarttzy New Member

    Anyone attempt this on Sprint yet?
  20. SkaiCloud

    SkaiCloud New Member

    @NotZSchwarttzy , I don't know if Sprint support CDMA/GSM. Verizon claim they do support both network but majority of their Network is CDMA. If you can find out if Sprint does support it then you might have a chance going through back channel.
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