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Razer sale 50% Off !! (30% for Blade)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LightLine, Jan 10, 2015.


What will you buy on 12-13 Jan?

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  1. all the keyboard are notify me later......
  2. Kmdelangel

    Kmdelangel New Member

  3. Draxov

    Draxov Member

    I was looking to get one of the Chroma keyboards but with the codes switched, by the time I thought to try the other one it was already sold out... Guess im waiting for the remedial sale.
  4. twotonedecho

    twotonedecho New Member

    I would totally get a new Razer Blade, my gaming laptop is WAY to heavy!
  5. floodover

    floodover New Member

    I am looking forward to the gear 2015 has to offer.
  6. trustkill

    trustkill New Member

    Time to replace my Roccat keyboard!! Been wanting a bw keyboard for a very long time!
  7. Jinnchuuriki

    Jinnchuuriki New Member

    good thing i just got paid!!!
  8. Telos

    Telos New Member

    This is a beautiful thing, thanks Razer! :)
  9. Definitely now thinking about getting the blackwidow chroma :)
  10. Telos

    Telos New Member

    I was hoping for a Razer Tactical Bag, but it appears I was too late :slightly_sad:
  11. Where do I click to get the promo code? D:
  12. kikahmonib

    kikahmonib New Member

    missed everything will there be a new sale?
  13. guardian04

    guardian04 New Member

    need a code too, please?
  14. Jose Fdez_no_id

    Jose Fdez_no_id New Member

    Thanks Razer for the promo.
  15. NathanGraves

    NathanGraves New Member

    Thanks, Razer! =D
  16. bytecarAshGrey099

    bytecarAshGrey099 New Member

    Thanks Razer for promo!
  17. Selaxi

    Selaxi New Member

    A BlackWidow Chroma Would be nice! ;)
  18. Vinceq98

    Vinceq98 New Member

    I just registered and would like a code please so that i can purchase my dream keyboard!
  19. Really need to replace my 6 year old Naga! it still works but is finally giving up the ghost. Shame i can't find the code :slightly_sad:
  20. fenabuco

    fenabuco New Member

    UHUUUUL!!! Thank's Razer!!!!!
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