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Razer Serval for PC

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by felinsky, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. Sepiagreathome626

    Sepiagreathome626 New Member

    I want to buy Razer Serval mostly as PC controller. I was doing research all the days, but somewhere they say its not compatible with PC, someone said it is, someone say that it is but triggers doesnt work, someone say it works only wired but wireless doesnt, someone said there will be support in sysnapse for full compatibility for PC, but some topics are old, some new... i really dont know.

    Question: is here someone who uses Razer serval to play PC games, like GTA V, Brawlhalla or any other game with razer serval asi typical PC gamepad ? or i have to look for another controller ? Thank you
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  2. Dommorak

    Dommorak New Member

    I have a serval, I would get a different controller. It works fine when wired, but doesn't work over wireless. The triggers/bumpers don't register.
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  3. I want to buy a Serval to use as a PC controller. I wanna know if it's compatible with PC games (plug and play) like xbox's controller does or I'd have to configure it, with some program like XPADDER, to each game like a generic controller?
  4. WhiteWolfCZ_no_id

    WhiteWolfCZ_no_id New Member

    Hai! I found that everyone is saying that serval is not possible to use in pc games... I am saying it IS possible.. all you have to do is: 1) download razer synapse. 2) connect serval through usb cable to your pc. 3) let razer synapse find R. Serval. 4) register your R. serval and 5) enjoy your razer.
    For me this worked.. if any problem, please tell me.
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