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Razer Store Sale Preparation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SWaller89, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Gr8orangeone

    Gr8orangeone Active Member

    I am so jealous of you richio
  2. richigobankai

    richigobankai New Member

    lexan is polycarbonate
    plexi is acrylic
    these and the stand are both neon green acrylic.
    You can't laser cut or engrave polycarbonate.

  3. I would get the Razer BlackShark. Who owns this headset?
  4. ResoluteFury

    ResoluteFury New Member

    There were a few other requirements like having a non-default avatar picture and posting a minimum of 8 "non-junk" posts on the threads, right?
  5. ATNdotNet

    ATNdotNet New Member

    Just make sure your Razer ID is linked!!

    I'm trying to get the Razer Blackwidow Chroma before it goes out of stock!
  6. Going for Razer Chroma too, STEALTH :)
  7. Stardweller

    Stardweller New Member

    I was having the same issue with twitter... Saying my password was bad, which it clearly is not.
  8. Gr8orangeone

    Gr8orangeone Active Member

    Thanks for info. I may have a project now without the laser of course. You should send min lian tan a pic of the stuff that you have made.
  9. ATNdotNet

    ATNdotNet New Member

    I believe that is to get the Insider discounts on items like the Nabu and Nabu X
  10. ResoluteFury

    ResoluteFury New Member

    You're right. Got my wires crossed when looking at that page. http://bit.ly/1BPxJgv.
  11. nanias

    nanias Active Member

    They are posting the discount code here https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/insider-ces-2015-appreciation-sale.1920/ and there are more info there too, like when, etc.
    As for what I might get, it is a Kraken 7.1 Chroma to complete my Chroma setup. I would love the Leviathan but since I will have to ship it overseas I guess it would cost me too much and would have to go through ungentle loaders or be a hassle for a friend to bring to me, I will get that one when I am in the States and carry it myself, under my eyes and protection. ;)
  12. Gr8orangeone

    Gr8orangeone Active Member

    I'm just glad I didn't buy anything during steam sales so I am happy to blow all my money on razer stuff
  13. Skippy2k

    Skippy2k Member

    Haha I've been spending money I probably shouldn't on some upgrades but since I still have some "razer stuff" I was planning on getting this works out nicely! :)
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