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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. Xayton

    Xayton Member

    Get in contact with Razer Customer Service and they will take care of you.
  2. How is the nabu updated?
    I dint updated my nabu app and fitness app. Still the functionality is changed?
    ex: Now I get the away from phone message on Nabu when I go out of range from phone. This functionality was not working before and now without doing any update it started working.
    @@Razer|Technokat : Can you answer this?

    I don't want Razer to make updates without notifying the users about the updates. It gets confusing due to ongoing updates.

    It feels like its a beta product rather than a retail product. It is highly disappointing to see that even after a year of testing the functionality is still broken.
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  3. Jp720

    Jp720 Active Member

    I would have to recommend:
    1. See if you can get a replacement
    2. Do not wear it while gaming/typing/mouse using. I can definitely see that kind of movement on the edge of a desk causing that.

    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    well lets not forget it has been released publicly in canada.....so its out to ALOT more than 5000 people.....
  5. Dimscene

    Dimscene Active Member

    Could Razer just source the Garmin Vivo Smart silicone? It looks a lot tougher. I just heard the software for the Vivo was bad. Waiting to see who is better. But every time I see a Razer product I want it. Even if I dont need it! Like that new Seiren mic. I don't even stream or record!
  6. mkdicki521

    mkdicki521 New Member

    Thanks so much for posting this. I'm definitely going to have my husband take a look. I was going to buy this for him for Christmas but after reading all of this, well I'm not sure now I may get an alternative. We love Razer but I want something that can withstand being a hands on Manager at Walmart and Im not sure this can do it.
  7. akvvirus

    akvvirus New Member

    Just read through this thread and I'm glad I am not the only one. Just wanted share what mine is looking like now too. I work as a cop too so I guess I am lucky it doesn't look any worse, just the one big scratch on the screen and some wearing down around the screen like everyone elses. I'll be contacting customer service too. [​IMG]
  8. Dimscene

    Dimscene Active Member

    Brand loyalty tunnel vision syndrome. Apple, Razer, Samsung. Every company has them. I kinda have that tunnel vision but im trying to be realistic and know that its going to be all damaged within a month. UGH.
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  9. sleekBeaverbyte112

    sleekBeaverbyte112 Active Member

    Does that scratch show up unless you're reflecting light off the screen?

    Your Nabu looks almost new other than the one scratch.
  10. pvnk137

    pvnk137 New Member

    i just submitted a ticket to razer but today, one second my nabu was fine and i just now looked at it. no cracks just a slight ding on the rubber (that i got a few days ago) and the screen now has spots that are super dim and spots that are nice and bright. if it was all dim i would feel a bit better but since its only in spots i know something is wrong with the screen. scares me cause i haven't done anything besides normal everyday stuff that may have caused this
  11. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    @Razer|Technokat : Is it possible to get replacement keys for Lycosa keyboard? Stuffs written on some of my keys have faded and there is only a randomly shaped blue light over there. Keys affected: S, A and Space Bar. Space Bar is now showing light which it isn't suppose to lol. The surface of the keys are damaged, it is not in a very bad condition but it is on its way there and I don't want to get rid of my Lycosa. So the question, is it possible to get replacement keys for Lycosa?
  12. Demonrik

    Demonrik Active Member

    been following this thread, but only just got some free time to reply..
    am on my second nabu - and out of the box the build quality was much less.. but at least this one worked
    Here's a pic
    the screen is good - but the edging of the rubber is rubbish.
    Amazing it passed QA

    But then as you look along to the left you can see the edge of the rubber deteriorating quite significantly.. It's also happening around the screen edges - wouldn't be surprised if something starts breaking off.
    The only saving thing was I was on vacation last week so no real abuse with rubbing it against desks or anything else - but that will change this week. Will be interesting to see how it holds up.

    After going through 1 RMA, I'm not so afraid of another - but would prefer to see what happens in a few more days before I open a support ticket.
  13. 1BadCouple

    1BadCouple New Member

    My Razer NABU; Wave 1 model.
    Daily life: Work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week as a computer technician, I also go to the gym 3 days week minimum, and play WoW any chance I get.

    image1.jpeg image2.jpeg image3.jpeg image4.jpeg
  14. Creeyos

    Creeyos New Member

    So Ive had my nabu for 4 days, Ive worn it alot but I am being very careful using it! I already have a couple knicks in the rubber but the screen is fine, I feel like I paid 100 bux to beta test something... I know they will finish updating the firmware and make it better and work properly but holy crap after seeing all these pictures I feel like I need to put this thing in a plastic bubble! Im a freaking chef so this thing is gonna get knocked around at work so I guess I need to be really careful with something I was told was durable
  15. I have scratches on the screen but not this bad.

    Not wearing while working is not a solution. Razer has to provede some screen protector
  16. I see that with the new technology it has bugs and malfunctions, but this bad of a manufacturing error is rare. But then again it's brand new and it's still in limited amounts for pre ordering, so I kinda expect them to take all the feedback from this batch and use it to better improve their product, at least in the durability area. Also for those who do purchase the pre order, they should receive a new and improved nabu (if they improve it) or a refund if the product breaks due to manufacturing errors.
  17. NitramVonagard

    NitramVonagard Active Member

    See, what I don't get is that the product has been tested (presumably). Also, Min and crew have been wearing them and putting up pics on twitter and so on ever since CES, right? So how come this hasn't been figured out yet?
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    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    I a
    I am wondering the exact same thing......
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  19. original2k

    original2k Member

    this thread is really interesting, kinda glad i didn't get lucky on the first run, it's unfortunate that this is happening to so many people but that is part of the risk of being an early adopter....i still would prefer a colored model so i think i'm going to keep watching the forums to see if this issue improves.

    to all who have contributed, thank you for sharing and keeping us informed on your real world experience with this. please keep this thread going and don't hesitate to post your issues. the only way razer will know is if we tell them
  20. ArcticBlade

    ArcticBlade New Member

    I've been using my Nabu 7 days now. There are a couple of spots where the rubber is worn down, but luckily nothing like what some are experiencing.

    Today though i woke up, went to turn off sleep mode and noticed that my button was missing. It fell off while i was asleep. I'm considering gluing it back on, but not sure if that will void the warranty, or if this is even covered under it. Anybody else have their button fall off?

    image1.JPG image2.JPG
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