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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Hi everyone, thank you for posting your experiences with the Nabu in this thread. I have sent on your feedback to the engineering team for their further analysis.

    Due to different issues being posted here, I'll be reaching out to some of you individually via Conversations with further queries or suggestions.

    Thanks again, guys!
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  2. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Hi crazyace11,
    There is a known issue with iOS where it would automatically kill apps that are not being actively used and running in the background. This may be the cause for the Nabu disconnecting from the Utility app from your phone.

    You can prevent disconnections by allowing the Nabu Utility app to refresh in the background continuously.

    Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > toggle Nabu Utility app on.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    It should, the Nabu collects it's time by synching with your phone the first time. While trying to toubleshoot my message issue I unpaired my Nabu from my phone and uninstalled the Utility app and the Nabu no longer had the current time. As soon as I reinstalled, did the firmware update and repaired the two, then the time set to exactly what was on my phone again.

    So, I'm assuming that if you were changing time zones then you'd allow your phone to use local time, and then your Nabu would then follow suit. However, if for whatever reason to made your phone stick to your home time, then again I would assume your Nabu would do the same.
  4. WhiteSmokeautovine185

    WhiteSmokeautovine185 Active Member

    Yes I'm sure my height/weight/age are set properly. There is no human height/weight/age combination that burns 22,000 calories in a day (it actually now shows over 24,000). The Steps and Distance for that day were also inflated. I believe it was repeatedly adding the info from the day instead of just updating the data. I have not had the problem since and have been comparing my Fitbit data and Health App data to my Nabu.
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  5. Have tried all the suggestions listed, and the Nabu will still not stay connected. Any Suggestions, I would love them, this is frustrating.
  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    There was another thread previously that addressed this issue - I'm not in a position to go hunting for it right at the moment, but if you're using iOS there was something about your phone automatically shutting off apps that aren't currently in use after a period of time. There was mention of a setting on the phone to prevent that from happening. Hopefully someone can find the other posting, or can repost the instructions on where to find the setting and hopefully that can fix it for you. :)
  7. garyhou14

    garyhou14 New Member

    I use this with QQ, some of the chinese words displayed on nabu are not the right word, but very close. for example "狸" this is displayed with "狮". Nabu display everything correct about 95% all the time, so its not a big deal, but it would be nice if it has a fix :)
  8. Junch

    Junch Associate Product Manager Staff Member

    Hi GaryLoveShirley,
    I've sent on your feedback to the engineering team with regards to the Chinese characters displayed on the band's Private Message Screen.

    Thanks :)
  9. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I honestly feel bad for the people who have to do multiple language translations for their software. I had enough trouble just learning enough to get around Europe while traveling in multiple countries, let alone having to worry about trying to get software releases 100% correct everywhere. LOL

    @GaryLoveShirley at least you're pointing it out early on. Hopefully the folks that @Junch is talking to makes a few changes before too many people find the errors. lol

    Oh, I can see it now ... Razer could be the next "All your base are belong to us" lol :D:D:D
    (well, at least to Chinese speakers, the rest of us would be quite clueless. hehe)
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  10. TheGuyz808

    TheGuyz808 New Member

    Hi I am having connection issues with my Nabu I lose connection randomly i am not entirely sure why. I thought it was the app because it crashes randomly but sometimes it doesn't crash and it still disconnects. I have a Google Nexus 5 any thoughts?
  11. frankffeng

    frankffeng New Member

    This is disappointing. I powered my long awaited Nabu on just to find this. I will be contacting Razer regarding a replacement (hopefully I can even get one). 20141209_135120.jpg
  12. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    Does the display show the full time or only half?
  13. frankffeng

    frankffeng New Member

    It only shows what's pictured up there. If you look at it at an angle you can see the cracks on the display :slightly_sad:

    Edit: Here's a picture depicting the cracks at a better angle
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  14. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    Sorry to hear that. I would get on their damage and repair hotline ASAP. Best to do it now before Christmas rush starts.
  15. frankffeng

    frankffeng New Member

    Would you know the number that I can reach them at?
  16. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    Not directly, but if you go to razerzone.com and click on support they detail how you can file a repair claim on your device per the warranty.
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  17. OhHeyItsBecky

    OhHeyItsBecky Active Member

    Good luck getting a replacement. Hope it all gets sorted quickly.
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  18. Mr_Cookie1997

    Mr_Cookie1997 New Member

    Atleast you have one already. Unlucky though :slightly_sad: I'm in Australia so im still waiting. :)
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  19. dirtbikerxz_no_id

    dirtbikerxz_no_id Active Member

    Razer support, evertime i click on the link or type in the url : deals.razerzone.com i keep getting the message Disallowed Key Characters. Yesterday and today. This did not allow me to participate in the giveaway yesterday or today. Please help guys. Thanks a lot in advance.
  20. NineTailFx

    NineTailFx Member

    That is disappointing to say the least. It is possible that it was damaged during shipping or something external did cause a flaw in the screen. It could also have been a problem when it was first produced and not even damaged during shipping. The best way to contact Razer is through their support e-mail, they usually reply within 24 hours. I'm sure you will be able to get a new one without any problem. :)
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