Razer Synapse fan question (Razer Blade 2017)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Senlirion, May 30, 2017.

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  1. Senlirion

    Senlirion New Member

    hahaha I have recently order a new pad from amazon so I will give it a try. I discover my self blowing on my hands constantly I don't know if it is even healthy xD. I'm assured this in winter is not going to be a problem but now it is for me and the best way to adres that is quite ""simple"" just update the Synapse and let the users select the fan usage like profiles or a constant % whatever!

    I want to do the recommendations @farazsheikh says but I don't really know what to change on windows to solved that because I have tried somethings and nothing works. Is the creators update, yes. I have no problems till now and it seems the program can't write on the selected folder it's ordered.

    I'm tired about how much time I dedicate to this subject and I think we need more feedback from Razer not from their support team which can not do anything else.
  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I need also bigger cleaner cloth for sweeping those fingers prints;) the cloth that come with it is too small, I hope goliathus stealth could also do this job:)
  3. Senlirion

    Senlirion New Member

    Hello there,

    I say my hands are pretty hot while using the laptop with just youtube playing, Bluetooth (to listen some music from it), Wifi and word. Obviously using the track pad for that matters, it happens this...

    photo_2017-07-16_04-03-14.jpg photo_2017-07-16_04-03-19.jpg

    I've burned my hands a little. There are three blisters, the left hand being alone on the keyboard and the right one more rested on the track pad. As the back of the laptop is burning I can't use it on my lap so I use the Razer Armor case as support for it. Being at home my girlfriend has given me a cooling base because she is tired of hearing me complain.

    The notebook starts at 49cº and rises to 63-65cº so it stays completely silent, with the profile selected for maximum cooling, and the battery lasts a lot but the fans do not turn on due to the profiling crap that Razer has created for the fans...

    If I am away from home working what I do is to turn it off, to refirge and return to it every X time.

    Seriously Razer, do something about it or I'll do it. In case someone asks, the fans work but at 70cº they ramp up the temperature goes down and you're done. Hell yeah! I get harm useing a laptop, first time in my life.
  4. I am wondering how you have that option of power control for power and fan control? For me its only Keyboard into Customize, Lighting and Gaming mode? Is it because I am using Razer blade 2015? That is only for Razer Blade 2016 and above?
  5. Senlirion

    Senlirion New Member

    Yes, it's because you are using the synapse that is for the Razer Blade 2015 model. I used to have the 2016 model and there the synapse have the fan control and it actually works, in the 2017 model it does nothing. The worst part is that I've hurt and I do not know how to use this stove during the summer.
  6. I feel ya. I am using third adapter right now due to high heat on the metal casing that cause past two adapters/ charger point to be burned. I tried to look around the whole options to see to change the fan speed to max but so far I can only set it in power option to two- battery: active (or passive), same for charged: active. I tried to change the setting to high performance on power options and Nvidia control panel or anything else so I don't have to charge it to have good fps. But nothing at all lol, still require the laptop to be charged. (or I miss something to change it then let me know) I have my room ceiling fan on high as well room temp is cool. Didn't seems to help at all as well even using Cooler Master X-slim. CM x-slim was helping but not much. I did ask Razer support about it, did what they told me to try to fix it. Didn't seems to do anything but did clean the laptop fan using compressed air. It seems to improve the fan but not too much but the fan seems to work fine since the temp was in good control on NZXT cam while playing a game. I also ask Razer support about the reason behind having power port right next to CPU/GPU where it gets very hot to the metal casing. I know it is cool down by the fan but the metal casing is still hot until stop playing. When metal casing gets hot, it affect the adapter charger point to be hot on touch once I pull it out after about 20 min of gameplay. The first one was Razer adapter, second was different adapter since I heard that the soldering on Razer adapter charger point was not a good job but not anymore. Now using third one that was a replacement for the first Razer adapter. Not a single adapter was able to last a year compare to my mouse naga that last three year without a issue except for the tracking issue but easily can be fixed. (probably making a non-logical comparison but I'm just annoyed) I can sent RMA but not sure if it will takes a long time for them to return it back to me (due to timeline or if they are busy or whatnot) since I am about to go to college soon so going to need the razer blade with me for college work as well gaming. Seems bad idea to first get a gaming laptop rather than a gaming desktop lol. Haven't been playing a lot of games due to using third adapter and I don't want to keep buying new adapter but guessing I have to. (will get gaming desktop in a long run) Well I brought Razer blade since it can be used for work and gaming so thought it was convenient but a lots of issue rise from it lol. I am a noob to pc gaming so maybe that is why so many problems rises due to my issues lol.

    I apologize for any of my error on spelling/grammar. As you can see, I am annoyed lol. If this post is annoying to you or a waste of time to you or anyone, feel free to report this for this post get deleted or whatnot. Just letting it out here. I love Razer products, have no problem with keyboard, Naga mouse but only have tons of problem on the Razer Blade. (If you are wondering, I did said probably most of this post to Razer support, just haven't got response yet)
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  7. Senlirion

    Senlirion New Member

    I understand that the heat around the connection area eats two AC adaptares, for me that's a malfunction in some way because that part in my experience with the two Blades is quite warm but not close to melt at all. I think you have time to RMA the closest you send from the RMA facilites the fast this will go. Here in Europe those thinks take more time than in USA, for example.

    I really encourage you to do a good description of your specific problem and insist them in RMA because you can't buy a charger every time the laptop feels like it. Secondly, but not least important, you or your place can get burn. I really think is a malfunction in someway and produces that overheating. Keep some faith in them and if not ask them for a replacement of the laptop for security measures, ofc.

    I really don't think your issue is common and for that reason they have to check the laptop. Anyway that overheat can be a little more controlled if Razer has address the fan control drivers and curve in a better way, they really do a good job on 2016 model, too late, but not enough. Or they lower the temps overall or they let the owner choose more on the fan control depending on their needs.
  8. I agreed with you. I definitely overreacted since when I first get into PC gaming, which was buying a Razer Blade which probably was a bad idea for my starter experience lol. I brought Razer Blade for Christmas so it was 2015 then very quickly, 2016 came out. I should have waited but idk about it. Well I think its my fault for not cleaning it for a year since I know little on the dust buildup in the fan so I clean it very recently but probably too late. At the start, when my first Razer adapter got burn, I thought it was razer fault for not doing good job on soldering on the adapter charger point since I was researching on it. Now just recently, second different adapter got same issue so now starting to realize that is the fan/heating is the problem. Yeah will sent a RMA but still waiting for Razer support to response but if still quiet until this Monday, going to sent RMA on it (or recommend to sent it now?). I am anxious to sent a RMA since I use Razer Blade 100% for gaming so if without it, going to go little insane lol. Well I agree with you that it can be short since I did sent for replacement on my Razer adapter, got it next three days so will do it soon. I will get desktop someday so I don't have to depend on Razer Blade to be my main source of gaming. I agree as well on the option to let the Razer blade users to have more option on fan control. Thank you for the response and help.
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