Razer Synapse has stopped working

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by bizBoneclub166, Apr 22, 2018.

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  1. bizBoneclub166

    bizBoneclub166 New Member

    I've been using Razer Synapse with my Orbweaver for years and had no problems, but today I suddenly started getting this message whenever I try to start Synapse. Tried a full redownload and reinstall, no change. How do I fix this?
  2. FirePenguin

    FirePenguin Well-Known Member

    Heya. If you can check your inbox, I sent you a message. ;)
  3. bestTomatospot561

    bestTomatospot561 New Member

    I'm having the exact same problem with my Razer Naga Chroma and Cynosa Chroma. Every time I turn on my computer after just a random amount of time a chrash of the Razer Synapse software and I have to reboot the machine and hope the software doesn't crash for a longer amount of time.
  4. FirePenguin

    FirePenguin Well-Known Member

  5. bizBoneclub166

    bizBoneclub166 New Member

    Hey, thanks for the assistance, got it fixed - turned out it was my .net installation, must've gotten corrupted or something.
  6. FirePenguin

    FirePenguin Well-Known Member

    Anytime man. Have a good one. :D
  7. QuarterBall

    QuarterBall New Member

    I'm also seeing a similar issue (sorry to hijack, feel free to tell me to post a new thread) with "Razer Synapse Service has stopped working" on boot.
  8. FirePenguin

    FirePenguin Well-Known Member

    All good mate since it is the same issue. If you can check your inbox, I sent you a message.
  9. iaspis

    iaspis New Member

    Same problem here. I'm using both versions (synapse 2 & 3 beta)
  10. jpinrazer

    jpinrazer New Member

    Hello, same problem here.
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